Longgang Overview
source:Invest-lg.com Release time:2008年4月25日

Longgang is located in north-eastern Shenzhen, neighboring with Hongkong, with 133 kilometers of beautiful coast line and total area of nearly 844 square kilometers, is the largest administrative district of Shenzhen and the acquisition of the most abundant land resources for development use. Shenzhen was successful bidding for the right to organize the 26th Universiade. Longgang will be the main spot for the international sports event and surely get a wide popularity across the world. 

Longgang District was only a small fishing village in the past. It has become a new city with developed industries and beautiful environment since the establishment of the district over ten years ago. High-tech-oriented industrial development conducts rapid growth of Longgang economy; the Third Industries such as Logistics, Commerce and Trade, Tourism, Real Estate and Culture are also in steady growth; the main economic figures increase by 20% annually. In 2007, the GDP of Longgang District was up to 127.868 billion RMB, and total revenue of the social consumption was 24.816 billion RMB. Industry still takes a primary leading position in Longgang. In 2007, the Industrial Added Value was completed by 81.394 billion RMB, accounting for nearly 64% of the district GDP. The High-Tech Industry kept a good trend of development with accomplishment of 160.83 billion RMB of high-tech product value, accounting for 58.9% of the Gross Industry Value. The Export was in steady growth with accomplishment of 22.652 billion USD; the foreign investment kept warm enthusiasm, and the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) actual foreign investment was 4.08 million USD.

In the future, with the relocation of the High-tech Fair Hall, the construction of the International Olympics Sports Center and the Metro Line #3, and the reconstruction of the Shenhui Road as well as along both sides of the road, Longgang will offer a new round of opportunity for ‘Digging Gold’. 

Well-Supporting Infrastructure

Nearly 1 hour is taken to drive from Central Longgang to Hongkong International Airport, and only 40mins to Bao’an International Airport, Yantian Cargo Hub, Luohu Checkpoint and Huanggang Checkpoint.

Highly developed communication network can directly reach every city around the world.

Water Supply
To fulfill the water demand of coming-up 10 years completely.

Power Supply
Longgang strives to accomplish the engineering project of power distribution grid, making efforts to ensure the demand of electricity power for investors in terms of production and life.


Well-Supporting Industrial Chains
A well-completed industrial system has been established, primarily including Electric Equipment Component, Electronic Component, Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Parts Manufacturing, Metal Structure Manufacturing, Metal Surface Treatment and Heat Treatment industry, and taken preliminary shapes of industrial integration in Microchips, Auto Parts, Household Appliances, Batteries, Furniture, Bicycles and Eye Glasses industry. The well-completed industrial chains serve greatly for enterprise production and radically decline the investment cost.

Matured Systematic Construction
Primarily exhibiting administrative management and service with impartiality, transparency, incorruption and high-efficiency, overall brokerage service with finance, accounting and intelligent interchange, legal system environment with transparency and stability, financial environment with creditability and low risk, and marketing economy order with regulation and order. 

Scientific Industrial Orientation
To focus on the key development of high-tech industries of Electronic Information, Biotech Engineering, Medical Equipment, Integrated Circuits, Vehicle Electronics and Software; to encourage the development of advanced manufacturing industries of Advanced Equipment, Vehicle-loaded Information, Vehicle Electronics, Key Parts, Auto Mold, Precision Machinery and Numeral Control Machinery, and SMT Technological Equipment; and to strengthen the development modern service industries of Commerce, Logistics, Culture, Exhibition, Marine Tourism.


Well-Planned Industrial Layout

1. Central Town Complex Service Area
By chance of construction of the Shenzhen Olympic Center and relocation of the High-tech Fair Hall, to speed up the development in the west area of the Central Town and focus development on the industries of High-End Services, Software, Innovation and Headquarters Economy.

2. Eastern Ecological Tourism Area
To develop the industries of Seashore Tourism, Innovative Culture and Marine Biotechnology.

3. Central and Western Logistics Area
Clustered by the Pinghu Logistics Base and the Custom Bonded Logistics Center, to construct the logistics center of Pinghu, Nanwan and Henggang, make a full use of function of the Central Logistics Groups, focus the development of logistics industries such as Professional Markets, Transportation, Warehouse and Delivery.

4. Renovation Projects for the old town and the old industrial zones

By chance of the construction of the Metro Line #3, Renovation Projects for Shenhui Road and the old town along both sides of the metro line, to strengthen the development on the represented commercial industry of large-scaled multifunctional mall.

5. Advantageous Industry Clustering Bases
To focus the development on Furniture, Electric Appliance, Bicycle and Vehicle Electronics;  develop high-tech industries in the areas of Baolong, Biling, Banxuegang and Gaoqiao, where now, a lot of high-tech enterprises have moved in, taking a shape of clustering effect. In the areas, high-tech industries and advanced manufacturing industries are prioritized. 

On new circumstances, by the chance of hosting the 26th Universiade, a core task of mid-term & long-term in future for Longgang District which was initiated by the Longgang District CPC Committee is to build up a new Longgang in philosophy of postmodern and standards of the 21st century. By then, Longgang will demonstrate to the world with completely new aspects of infrastructure, urban function, economic growth and human-oriented spirit. The investment environment will become much better, and the investment value will become much higher. And Longgang District will radically shorten the time to access urbanization and modernization.


Longgang has ecological environment for human beings living, investment environment for business launching, and charming sceneries for tourism. Longgang faithfully invite you to jointly create splendid future!