Catalogue of Longgang District's Industrial Guidance(2011 Version) Release time:2012年3月2日

Section one   Encouraged Categories

One Electronic information industry.

1Communication Equipment: High speed and credit information communication system, Broadband wireless LAN (Local Area Network) access devices, all optical networks system and  optical switching equipments, NGN core switch and so on. 

2、Computer and other computer peripherals productsHigh Performance Server, laptop, tablet personal computer, Network Computer and a variety of microcomputers,  mass storage device and new type removable storage device, high -performance color flat-panel monitors, print device, New Generation Router, ten thousand aether, Network Security products, wireless Local Area Network equipment and many other network equipment. 

3Integrated circuit: General and application-specific  circuit chip especially  the production of more than eight inches large scale integrated chip, integrated circuit design, SOC design, package and test equipment and so on

4.Digital audio visual: digital television application-specific integrated circuit and  the key parts of apparatus, digital television software and middleware, digital set top box with separation of smart card, digital set top box following  international standard, digital television receiver and display all-in-one machine, front end system equipment, Audio Video Coding technology, new generation high density digital Versatile Disc (DVD) technology and key components, portable digital Audio And Video products’ and key components, digital home network technology and so on. 

Two New energy sources industry  

1. nuclear power: key technology of million kilowatt grade pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant, technology of fast neutron reactor and  high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant, nuclear power information technology, nuclear power in-service inspection technology, recycling and management of nuclear power fuel, nuclear radiation safety survey and control technology, nuclear power engineering construction EPCSM synergy technology, life cycle digitalized nuclear power plant simulation technology , modular and digital design as well as verification technique and so on. 

2. New energy vehicles:hybrid electric vehicles,pure electric vehicles,natural gas vehicles, new energy vehicles systems and key components , etc

3. Solar energy: thin-film solar cells, efficient crystalline silicon solar cells (not including crystalline silicon manufacturing), new solar cells,  solar energy grid-connected generation,  solar glass (not including glass raw material manufacturing), the building integrated photovoltaic(BIPV), etc. 

4. Wind energy: equipment controlled by wind power, wind power generation equipment and key components, new type of wind turbine equipment, etc 

5. Energy-storage materialspower batteries positive electrode materials, new negative electrode materials, diaphragm material and so on. 

Three Internet industry 

1. Internet technology:IPv6 technology, three net fusions, the third generation mobile telecommunication technology(3G), the new generation mobile telecommunication technology(4G), etc

   2. E-commerce: comprehensive e-commerce trading platform, logistics information service platform, electronic commerce united credit rating platform, online payment platform, electronic authentication public service platform, e-commerce trading date center, etc.

3. The Internet of things: radio frequency technology, the internet of things' application resource sharing platform, the internet of things information exchange platform, Sensor Information network platform, modern logistics systems, intelligent transportation systems, etc. 

4. Software: Key developments of embedded software, middleware, Software as a Service (SaaS), financial and securities insurance software, community electronic informationization system, e-commerce software, e -government software.

5.information service: network animation and games, network digital music, network information, network download, search engine, instant messaging, mobile streaming media, data processing and database service, cloud computing, etc 

Four biological industries 

1. Biological medical treatment: new type  biomedical equip, diagnosis and testing instruments, clinical diagnosis rehabilitation treatment device, new biological in vitro diagnostic testing products, stem cell products, biomedical materials, tissue -engineered products and biological artificial organs, etc. 

2. Biomedicine: new vaccine, biological drugs, molecular medicine, polypeptides medicine, Contemporary Chinese Herbal drug, etc.

3. Marine organism :marine bioactive substances, product varieties of new marine products, marine biological technology products, marine organism multi-functional material,  marine organism energy, rapid detection products for Halobios product,  marine environment and ecology's restoration technology, etc.

4. Biological agriculture: new agricultural variety and new forestry variety, biological products, biological breeding, biological health products, etc 

5. Biological environmental protection: biological environmental protection products, renewable resources’ comprehensive utilization technology, environmental monitoring, waste disposal, water treatment, water pollution control, waste gas pollution control technology, etc.

6. Biological manufacturing: biomass macromolecule, biomass green chemicals, new enzyme preparation, etc. 

7. Biological energy: biodiesel, biomass power generation, etc 

Five new material industries 

1. electronic information material: research and development and industrialization of  flat panel display's key raw materials, research and development as well as application of semiconductor lighting's new material, IC industrial chain front-end raw materials and package materials, new material of lightshow, light emitting devices, photoreader, optical communication, optical storage , optical recognition , optical energy devices, etc. 

2. New energy material: Lithium iron phosphate battery, nickel-hydrogen batteries, other energy storage battery material, new energy storage battery, solar cell relevant material, etc. 

3. Biomaterial: research and development and industrialization of drug controlled -release material, tissue engineering material,  bioactive materials, diagnosis and therapy material, Biodegradable and absorbable biomaterial, artificial blood and many other new materials . 

4. New functional material and materials with structural and functional performances synchronously: research and development and industrialization of engineering glass,Auto glass,optical glass ,advanced ceramic material,magnalium, titanium magnesium- alloy material, hard Alloy material and many other new alloy material. 

  5. new material in emerging fields: research and development and industrialization of application technology of new materials such metamaterials, nanomaterials, superconducting materials, etc; recycle and reuse of nano modified plastic and packaging waste, environmental protection food packaging container,  green renewable building materials and many other new environmental protection and energy saving materials, polymer engineering plastics, new functional polymer materials covered by carbon,  carbon fiber, Kevlar composites, rare earth functional materials, etc.

Six equipment manufacturing industry  

1. Optical, mechanical and electronic integration: high-performance CNC machine tool and process center, high effective welding equipments , new technology and equipment production of lowpressure electronic appliances safety production, precise on-line measure instrument, computer numerically controlled injection molding machine, computer numerically controlled die casting machines, automatic packaging machinery, key equipment in food industry such high speed and aseptic filling equipment,  labeling machine, etc;  industrial process and detection equipment with ultrasound, infrared, vacuum technology; precision maching, superprecision maching and Laser processing technologies and equipment; mechanical product development, manufacture computer's hardware and software technology and equipment, automated production lines and manufacturing informatization equipment and equipment manufacturing, Online automatic testing technology and system, intelligent robot and artificial intelligence products and system, Automated disposal systems for postal letters, parcels, etc; instruments for Gemstone Testing and processing equipment manufacture, nuclear analysis and nuclear detecting instrument, Isotope technique,radiation technology and laser technology, etc. 

2. Automobile as well as automotive electronic and transport equipment: the development and manufacturing of integrated automobiles and new engine, automotive body and body accessories' development and manufacturing, automobile key components, electronic fuel injection system,  electrical speed breaking control antilock  brake system and air bag restraint system development and manufacturing, carborne information and network,body electronics,   chassis electronic control system, sensor and implementation devices, engine control system , automobile test equipment, urban rapid rail transport equipment, subway  and light rail's electricity multiple unit(EMU) and main component design and manufacturing, highway and bridge curing, automatic checkout equipment, highway tunnel 's operation, ventilate, disaster prevention and salvation system equipment, equipment and equipment manufacturing of  high speed line, high-speed locomotives and high speed maglev train, high-speed train monitoring and control system and equipment production, civil airplanes' components and parts, satellite and launching vehicle's components and parts, new aircraft , airborne components and ground device, lightweight gas turbine, etc

3. Harbor industry : port new mechanical equipment, aerial special vehicle, high-performance airport security check equipment , fire equipment manufacturing, Automatic storage equipment manufacturing, hydrofoil and Wave Piercing Catamaran and many other high speed passenger craft's design and manufacturing, large high value-added ship's  electromechanical device, yacht design and manufacturing, Aircraft Maintenance,etc 

4. Medical devices and equipment: new type medical device and the development of manufacture technique , technological development of medical imaging's information acquisition,  new medical precision diagnosis and treatment device, interventional treatment 's equipment and device, drug screening device and equipment, biological detection device and equipment 

Seven energy saving & environmental protection industry

1. Environmental protection equipment , materials and technology: flue gas desulfurization technology and complete plant, Large scale high efficiency dirt catcher, water treatment chemicals manufacturing and application technology as well as equipment, treatment process and equipment for noise and solid waste,  urban sewage treatment  technology and complete equipment; urban garbage and sludge's hazard-free treatment, minimization and resources recovery   processing engineering,  treatment  technology and complete equipment; Vehicle Emission detection, energy saving and purification equipment, large glass block screen wall radiation and light pollution control technology and products, fluoride free refrigeration technology and its application, green building technology and its application, environmental protection and contaminant sources monitoring device and automated monitoring system,  clean production technology, etc, contaminant sources. 

2. LED: car lighting, big size LED backlight, full color display, color screen curtain wall, solar LED applications and other high-end LED applications, epitaxial growth equipment such as MOCVD\HVPE, etc

3. energy-efficient and water-efficient goods:energy-efficient doors and windows, new energy-efficient wall materials and high quality environmental protection and energy saving heat and sound insulation material,  waterproof material and sealing material, auto glass(low-e glass, solar- E heat reflector sandwich glass), energy-efficient harbor light material,  RE energy-saving lamps, etc,  high performance fluorescent lamp, high intensity discharge lamp and electronic ballast,  frequency conversion motor and rare earth permanent magnetism electric engine, etc, high performance energy saving electromechanical products, building energy saving simulating calculation and management software, new building energy efficiency products, development of energy-saving technologies , saving energy experiment's detection technology, energy-efficient power transformer, street lamp, lighting night scene's automatic monitoring and energy conservation, efficient water distribution and water-saving irrigation technology and equipment, development of water saving technology and apparatus, etc

4. Comprehensive utilization of resources : industrialization of food waste recycling; waste household appliances, batteries and electronic products's recycling; sullage biological treatment and recycling technology; underground renewable energy sources utilization technology; waste tire , plastic ,metal and wastepaper's recovery and recycling; high quality energy power generation and renewable sources power generation; green renewable energy resource ;treatment and integrated utilization of "three wastes" ; recyclable, degradable, low toxicity and environmentally friendly materials, reclaimed water's utilization technology, Development and utilization of seawater resources, dual water supply technology and project , heat recovery technology, etc

Remarks: when the industry or the products fall into encouraged category, but some links of productive process fall into with high consumption of energy, heavy pollution and low technology, low added value category, or are restricted by our national or provincial catalogue of industry such as catalogue of guidance of industrial structural adjustment (2011 version), etc, these productive links should fall into the restricted category

Section two  Restricted Category

1. Projects of furniture, clothing, handbags, bag case, zipper, zipper and plush toys' simple processing without self owned Brand

2. Common plastic products, common hardware products and common home appliances and daily necessities   

3. Renovation and modification of old automobiles and Motorcycles 

4. Production of general chemical materials and products, chemical pesticide, fertilizer and common compound fertilizer, feed. 

5. Common printing ink, common painting, polyester. 

6. Carbonated beverage, wines. 

7. All kinds of technologies of plastic foam with CFC-11 as blowing agent

8. Disposable plastic (non-foam) tableware

9. Sanitary porcelain, architectural pottery, gypsum board Production line, colored glaze, wall and floor tile, tile and relevant products

11. Glass bottle flat glass (including common float glass)

12. Electrolytic products, colored and black smelt product 

13. Iron alloy

14. Pressure vessel

15. Production of general mechanical equipment, the universal forklift, bike and motorcycle

16. Electrical product such as common electrical power switch cabinet, wire and cable

17. Fibreboard, flakeboard

18. Paper product, carton

19. Simulation audio and visual production

20. General printed circuit board

21. Projects not following the industrial guidance of the street, community, area and park where they are located

22. Projects of city regional planning in restricted zone

23. Projects that are restricted by catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment

24. Other projects restricted clearly by the country, province and town

Remark: although some projects fall into the restricted industry, if they are engaged in research and development, design, headquarter‘s  business errands, brand management, convention and exhibition industry, etc, high-end links  in industry chain, they can fall into the encouraged category.(Registered companies' management or operation is allowed but these companies may not engage in production activities in this area.)

Section three Prohibited categories

1. Production projects of chemical industry, smelt, oil refining, brewing, chemical fertilizer, dye, farm chemical and other kind of these things in the water protection zone or the projects and facilities that let out the fist kind of pollutant specified by our country

2. Printing and dyeing, dyeing and finishing, papermaking, leather

3. Circuit board, electroplating and acid treatment, etc, metal surface pretreatment products

4. Production equipments and technology with CFCs, CTC, CFC-113 and TCA as blowing agent, expansive agent, cleaner, refrigerant, aerosol and processing aid

5. Chemicals that are easy to process into drugs, inflammable and explosive MCCs

6, fireworks, firecracker, lighter, sponge and rubber stopper used in pharmaceutical products

7. Disposable foam plastic table wares and the disposable wooden table wares

8. Ordinary double-deck glass or plastic doors and windows, as well as single cavity structure plastic doors and windows

9. cement ,solid clay brick, brick yard, and quarry

10. Manganese battery, nickel cadmium battery, lead acid battery, mercury battery (mercuric oxide galvanic Battery and battery pack, zinc-mercury cell  )

11. Illegally modified cars and scraped ca

12. Directly platoon-type gas water heaters

13. Imported waste processing and utilizing project, waste plastics producing petrol and diesel oil project

14. Projects producing waste gas in control zone or their facilities (excluding non- business stoves)

15. Projects of city regional planning in basic ecologically control zone

16. The enterprises that produce fake and low-quality products

17. enterprises( product ) without relevant  qualification : enterprise operating without money, site, institutions and  license, products without "3c" certification mark, food and beverage enterprises without food hygiene license,  pharmaceutical manufacture enterprises which don t correspond to requirement of GMP , enterprise without the  license that their products need, enterprises that do not meet the fire fighting requirements

18. Enterprises that endanger production and physical security and do not have work safety conditions

19. Enterprises that pollute the environment or severely damage the ecological environment

20. Projects that waste resources and energy seriously

21. Enterprises that violate the national or provincial labor law or social security act seriously

22. Outdated production techniques and products eliminated by our country's catalogue of guidance of industrial structural adjustment (2011 version) 

23. Other projects prohibited and eliminated clearly by country, province and town.