Guidelines for Industrial Restructuring of Shenzhen(2009 Version) Release time:2012年3月5日

Section one  Encouraged Categories

Water saving and non-traditional water use

1.  Industrial and urban water conservation, development and  manufacturing equipment of  waste water treatment technology

2.  The development, manufacturing equipment and use of repeatable water technology

3.    Biological wastewater treatment and recycling technology

4.    Development and utilization of water

5.    High quality water supply technology

6.    the project of desalination of sea water and the development and utilization of the rain, brackish water, inferior water and sea water

7.    Desalination of sea water and the equipment manufacturing of sea water directly  use

8.    High efficient entering and distributing water and water saving irrigation technology and equipment 

9.    Condensed water of air conditioning recycling technology

10.    The development and manufacture of water consumption for rinse limited below 6L every time , water closet,

11.    eastern type toilet , water saving closet and water saving equipment

12.    The development and production of water monitoring instrument

13.    The permeable ground, permeable paving materials and technology

14.    Drinking water safety technology

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

1.   Frequency conversion motor, rare earth permanent magnet motor, high efficiency and energy saving and electronic products

2.  The new energy-saving environmental protection household appliances and key parts production and technology development

3.   The new energy-saving lighting products, production technology development and related material, equipment technology development

4.   Industrial production saving energy and building energy efficiency of the high energy consumption

5.   Semiconductor lighting devices

6.   Energy-saving technology development and application of Ac frequency conversion control speed

7.   Energy-saving electric power transformer

8.   Energy-saving experimental testing technology

9.    Energy-efficient storage server

10.    The research and application of the natural ventilation technology

11.    the production and technology development of low radiation glass

12.    the technology development of the construction glass heat reflecting membrane

13.    The development and application of natural lightingthe of the optical tube

14.    Automatic monitoring and energy saving of street lights and the night lights

15.    The storing energy technology development and application (including ice storage, storage power station, air conditioning heat recovery, liquefied natural gas

16.    cool recycling, waste heat recovery of power plant, etc)

17.    The development and the product application of clean coal technology

18.    The devices of car tail gas detection and energy saving purification

19.    fuel-efficient technology development and application of the motor vehicles and internal combustion engines

20.    The new type of computer saving power and uninterrupted switching power supply (USPS)

21.    The intelligent power saving switch

22.    High performance green battery products manufacturing (free-mercury and alkali manganese battery, power nimh batteries, lithium ion batteries

23.    High capacity sealed type and free maintenance the lead-acid battery, fuel cells, zinc air battery.

24.    the solar cell

25.    Biological liquid fuel oil production, biomass fuel cogeneration, biomass solid fuel

26.    The industry technology development and application work (except food as raw materials)

27.    Solar energy transfer material crystal silicon thin film

28.    Clean energy (nuclear power, wind power and solar energy, tide, etc) power equipment manufacturing

29.    The development and use of nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy,

30.    geothermal energy, sea energy and other renewable energy

Saving material and environmental protection material

1.   The third generation of semiconductor materials

2.   The production of composite materials, functional polymer materials, engineering plastic and low cost, the 

3.   new plastic alloy

4.    Auto glass (low-e glass, SOLAR-E solar energy and reflection environmental protection sandwich glass)

5.    The new energy-saving and environmental protection compound doors and windows, wall materials, adiabatic and sound insulation materials, waterproofing materials and building close

6.    Sealing materials, building coating production development

7.    The production technology and equipment of the high quality float glass, and the technology development of the energy saving and security flat glass processing

8.     Self-keeping light material

9.     Low noise construction machinery development and manufacturing

10.    High quality environmental protection friction and seal material production

11.    New braking material manufacturing

12.    New tubular (including pipe) technology development manufacturing

13.    The high performance outside structure materials and components manufacturing of the house

14.    Intelligent building products and production equipment and integration technology research

15.    The advantage, traditional industry and cleaning production technology of machinery, clothing, clocks, furniture

16.     printing and packaging and gold jewelry

17.    The shaded technology and device out of the construction

18.    research and application of the high strength concrete above 80 and the high light weight concrete

19.    Ready-mixed to dry the powder mortar

20.    Use cleaner production technical construction and  remould inorganic chemical production equipment

21.    Ceramic clean production technology development and application

22.    High performance reinforced building applications

Land-saving and space utilization

1.    Energy saving and ground-saving building development are the development of green construction

2.    High-rise building and space structure technology development

3.    The information data and key technology development of the basic space

4.     The comprehensive development and application technology of the underground space

5.     The development application technology of the main road space

6.     Gardening and ecological village construction

7.     Ecological system key technology development

8.     Combined with roof afforestation, the village green and the urban agriculture of the stilt floor

9.    The advanced and applicable building complete set technology, products and research and development and promotion of housing department product

10.    urban tridimensional car-park in construction

11.    Villages, old residential transformation and functional replacement of old industrial zone

12.    Economical applicable housing

Environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources

1.    Ocean development and ocean environment protection

2.     The ozone depleting substance alternative development and application

3.     Water treatment reagent production and application technology and equipment

4.     The prevention and control technology development and application of flow sources (the train, ship, automobile, etc) 

5.     Weaken and control Dioxin of  The technology development and application

6.     The urban traffic noise and vibration control and material production

7.      Wall body absorb noise technology and material development

8.      Battery (lead-acid battery, NI-MH battery, nickel cadmium battery, the lithium battery) recycling technology

9.      Equipment development

10.    Garbage and sludge incineration for power generation, heating, cooling

11.    Waste landfill gas recycling

12.    recycling and equipment manufacturing of waste electrical appliances, plastics, waste rubber

13.    Industrial waste, city garbage and sewage sludge harmless, and recycling key technology and equipment development

14.    Radioactive waste and other hazardous waste disposal technology and safety equipment development, manufacturing

15.    Three wastes treatment and comprehensive utilization

16.    Flue gas desulfurization process and complete sets of equipment

17.    Large efficient filter

18.    Noise, solid waste treatment process and equipment

19.    Wastewater treatment engineering technology and complete sets of equipment

20.    Waste recycle and reuse, renewable resources recycling

21.    Waste harmless, reduction and recycling disposal engineering and technology and complete sets of equipment

22.    information network equipment manufacturing for the next generation high-speed broadband

23.    manufacturing of new technical equipment which is a support for communication networks

24.    wireless LAN technology development and equipment manufacturing

25.    intelligent network and softswitch products

26.    access network system equipment for  wired and wireless users (optical access network, ADSL access networks, etc.)

27.    digital trunking communication system

28.    the third generation and follow-up mobile communications system cellphones, base stations, core network equipment and network testing equipment

29.    development and manufacturing of high-end routers and network switch at  Gigabit or above

30.    development and manufacturing of high-end routers and network switch at  Gigabit or above

31.    digital Cross-Connect Equipment

32.    high-performance integrated services switching equipment

33.    transmission equipment series of digital microwave synchronization at 40622 Mbit / s or above

34.    the key technology and equipment for stratospheric communication system

35.    synchronous optical transmission equipment series at 10 Gigabit / s and above

36.    centerless multichannel siting mobile communication system equipment within  B014/40915-917 MHz

37.    development and manufacturing of RFID chip

38.    wireless transmission communications  equipment  for short distance and high-speed data

39.    rural wireless digital communications equipment

40.    optical fiber preform, single-mode fiber, and  connecting devices

41.    key components and equipment for fiber to the home

42.    all-optical switch equipment , large-capacity all optical network (of OXC, OADM) equipment and key components

43.    asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and IP data communication system equipment

44.    applications of satellite and space technology

45.    manufacturing of satellite communication system and the earth station

46.    satellite navigation system, technology of satellite remote sensing systems and  manufacturing of related equipment

47.    RF technology and equipment

48.    digital micromirror device (DMD)

49.    drive module and  new flat panel display of TFT-LCD、PDP、FED、VFD、LCOS、OLED

50.    manufacture

51.    manufacturing of such key supporting materials as display backlight, polarizers, filters,etc

52.    manufacturing of such key parts as optical engine for large screen color projection display,light source, projection screen, high resolution projection tube and LCOS device module and LCOS device module

53 new plastic alloy

54.    integrated circuit design,  manufacturing of large-scale digital integrated circuit with the line width of 0.18 micron and below,

55.    manufacturing of  simulation and analog integrated circuit, advanced packaging and test of QFP, BGA, PGA, CSP,  MCM and so on

56.     Sealing materials, building coating production development

57.    electronic paper (electrophoretic image display technology, the EPID)

58.    semiconductor devices of such III, V compound as gallium nitride, gallium arsenide and so on.

59.    SiGe semiconductor devices

60.    manufacturing of new-type electronic components (chip components, sensitive components and sensors, frequency monitoring and selecting components,

61.    hybrid integrated circuits, power electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, new-type mechanical and electrical components,

62.    high-density interconnect product laminates, multi- flexible boards, rigid flex printed circuit board and package substrate)

63.    LED and LD package, LED lighting fixtures

64.    optical communication (optical components, optical modules, optical passive devices, optical switching devices,

65.    photonic integrated devices, etc.); optical memory

66.    high-power lasers

67.    new-type micro-electromechanical components

68.    new-type relay

69.    computer light transmission and optoelectronic integrated devices

70.    equipment manufacturing of large and medium-sized computer and high-performance computer, workstation and servers.

71.    mechanical product development,  hardware and software technology in production  and related equipment

72.    large format scanners, plotters and technology development of printing equipment key components (dot matrix print head,

73.    ink jet print head, the laser print engine, etc.)

74.    manufacturing of only electronic-used material

75.    large- capacity optical and disk drives and their components , manufacturing of memory card used in digital product

76.    banking, securities, financially-used machine, automatic check machine, IC card reader machine (ATM machines or POS machine)

77.    information security products, development and manufacturing of network monitoring special equipment

78.    new-type security machines (excluding radio interference device)

79.    manufacturing of digital multifunctional telephones and plain paper fax machines

80.    technology development and manufacturing of digital camcorders, digital recorders, terminal receiving products of digital TV

81.    equipment manufacturers of digital audio and video broadcasting systems

82.    manufacturing of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and wafer of 6 inches and above

83.    personal digital terminal

84.    Doppler radar technology and relevant equipment

85.    financial electronic equipment manufacturing

86.    nuclear electronic products

87.    radio equipment testing, the radio monitoring equipment manufacturing

88.    Construction of business platform integrated by telecommunication network, network and the Internet

89.    3G network and 4G technology

90.    Broadband wireless access and the next generation of the Internet construction

91.    Embedded software and middleware

92.    Operation system and development and design of CPU

93.    Information security software

94.    Finance,securities and insurance software

95.    Development platform of computer application and middleware (system development of CAD, CAT,CAM and CAE)

96.    Development and application of e-commerce,e-government and office automation system

97.    Application software of finance,tax,education,logsitics,telecom and electric power

98.    Other application softwares ( network, communication, manufacturing,  construction, medical treatment, digital entertainment and games)

99.    Computer system service

100.Technology development and service of the Internet

101.Services of data processing and data base

102.Biological recognition system

103.Professional services of software

104.Intelligent transportation system (urban traffic management system, highway communication monitoring, system of emergency response and rescue and electronic toll collection system)

105.Automobile electronic products

106.Electronic products and integrated system of aviation

107.Postal integrated network and construction of automatic disposal system for postal letters and parcel

108.Electronic information system of agriculture


Section Two The restricted category:

1.the real estate development project as villa

2.refrigerated containers, freezer and laundry can not reach the national standard

3.Machine, air conditioner project

4.wash the car by Tap water spraying

5.Production speed below 1500 an hour  of spiral filament

6.filament lamp production line

7.Paste zinc manganese batteries and nickel cadmium battery project

8.Open common lead-acid battery project

9.Calcium carbide production device

10.Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ordinary artificial leather production line

11.Two piece of aluminum cans project

12.Cheap paper and paperboard production projects

13.Urban leisure rally square project that is land area of more than 5 hectares


14.The state industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue (in 2005)

15.the restricted category of  other 21 light industres projects。

16.High Definition FVD production line (VCD series entiremachine products)

17.analog CRT  project in black and white TV and color TV

18.single and double-sided printed circuit board

19.Disposable syringes, transfusion apparatus and infusion apparatus

20.Production project of medical supplies of  Aerosols and propellants containing  CFCs

21.Projects of expanding processing capacity of various dosage without new drugs and technology application  (except hard capsule filled with liquid)

22.Projects of expanding the production capacity of products whose ingredients are endangered animals and herbal medicinal materials without planting or farming on a large scale

23.Glass gydragydrate thermometer and blood-pressure meter

24.Materials of argental mercury for dentistry

25.Other three medical projects in the restricted category of  The Guideline Catalogue for Industrial Restructuring (2005 version)

26.Prohibited (eliminated) category:

27.Ampoule filler and shutter which do not conform to the requirements of GMP

28.Natural rubber plug for medicinal purposes

29.Other seven medical projects in the eliminated category of The Guideline Catalogue for Industrial Restructuring (2005 version)

Section Three Ban (out) type:

1.    below 0.025 mm thickness of the retail shopping plastic bag

2.    New golf course

3.    The disposable foaming plastic tableware, the disposable wooden tableware

4.    Fireworks , firecrackers, lighters and utilization of waste plastics product gasoline

5.   diesel project

6.   Import waste processing using project

7.    Straight platoon-type gas water heater

8.    Using CFC and CTC

9.    CFC-113, methyl chloroform (TCA) as foaming agent,

10.    the production equipment and process of expansion agent, cleaner, refrigerants, aerosol

11.    and processing aid

12.    Normal double glass and plastic windows and doors and plastic single lumen structural type of plastic

13.    doors and Windows

14.    Mercury battery (oxidation mercury battery and batteries

15.   zinc mercury   battary

16.    Illegal vehicle modification and have reached deadline of the vehicles

17.    Sales the pollutants excess of the prescribed discharge standards of the motor car

18. Use technology, technology, equipment, excess emissions of leather making, electroplating, printing and dyeing, circuit boards and surface processing project

19. The state industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue

20.  The restricted category of  other 19 light industres projects