Guidelines for Industrial Restructuring of Guangdong Province (2007 Version)
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The first category: Encouragement

 Agriculture and Forestry

1.Integrated treatment of food median and low yield farmland and construction of high and stable yield primary farmland

2.Construction of national and provincial agricultural product base

3.Soil-less cultivation of vegetables and flowers

4.High quality, high yield, high efficient and standardized cultivation and breeding technology development and application thereof 

5.Control of major insect diseases and animal diseases

6.Genetic engineering and gene pool construction of crops, domestic animals, aquatic animals and plants as well as wild animals and plants

7.Seed selection, breeding, seed protection and development for improved variety of animals and plants 

8.Development and application of seedling detoxification technology

9.Dry water saving agriculture, conservation tillage, eco-agricultural construction, cultivated land quality construction and development of fast fertilizing technology for newly opened land

10.Development and application of ecological cultivation technology

11.Development and application of agricultural film pollution-free degradation technology and farmland soil heavy metal degradation technology

12.Research and development of green nuisance-less feeds and additives

13.Inland watershed great lake stock enhancement and protection engineering

14.Distant-water fishery

15.Cow breeding

16.Bovine and sheep embryo (internal) and semen factory production

17.Research and development of agricultural cloning technology

18.Cultivated land maintenance and management, development of soil, fertilization and water quick test technology

19.Construction of germplasm resource protection areas for farm and forest products as well as wild animals and plants, collection, conservation, identification, development and application of germplasm resources

20.Earth backing and comprehensive utilization of crop straws (including silage, straw ammoniated cattle breeding, earth backing, gasification and edible mushroom cultivation, etc)

21.Integrated utilization and development engineering of rural renewable resource (biogas engineering and ecological home, etc)

22. Dam flood discharge, return farmland to lake engineering

23.Edible (medicinal) fungi cultivation

24.Comprehensive control project of forest disasters

25.Concede the land (grazing land) to forestry (grassland) of uncultivated area and natural steppe vegetation recovery project

26.Development of new diagnostic reagent, vaccine and new drugs with low-toxicity and low-residue

27.Artificial cultivation of high-yield pasture

28.Natural rubber plant

29.Development and application of monitoring technology for contaminants free produce and harmful substances in other environment

30.Safety disposal of organic wastes and development and application of organic fertilizer industrialization technology

31.Development and application of pollution-free and green production technology for farm, pasture and fishery products

32.Storage, preservation, process and comprehensive utilization of farm, forest, pasture and fishery products

33.Conservation engineering for natural forest and other natural resources

34.Tree-grass planting engineering and tree seedling engineering

35.Development and application of soil and water conservation comprehensive technology

36.Ecological system recovery and reconstruction engineering 

37.Forest, wild animals and plants

38.Shelter forest project

39.stony desertification control and desertification prevention and control project 

40.New sand-stabilization, water retention and soil improvement material production 

41.Cultivation of salt-tolerance and drought-enduring plants

42.Industrial material forest project and construction of famous, special, excellent and new economic forest

43.Bamboo and rattan base construction, development of new bamboo and rattan production technology

44.Middle-young forest fostering project

45.Protection, improvement, development and utilization of wild economic forest tree species

46.Rare or endangered wild animals and plants protection project

47.Forest genetic resource protection project

48.Deep progress and series product development of little fuel wood, desert shrub and three trees

49.Wild animal and plant provenance breeding, construction of cultivation base and epidemic disease monitoring and warning system

50.Cultivation of authentic  and high-quality, luxuriant, endangered or rare animal and plant medicinal materials

51.Artificial cultivation and development of perfumes, drinks, seasonings, woody Chinese herbal medicine, woody grain and oil, wild flowers, etc

52.Technological development of wood base composite materials

53.Production and comprehensive utilization of wood engineering material, plant fiber engineering materials

54.Deep progress of forestry chemicals

55.Artificial precipitation and hail suppression technology development and application

55.Development and utilization of tree bioactive substances

56.Hardness of fast-growing wood and value-added utilization

57.Land development, consolidation and reclamation which meet ecological environment protection requirements and related plans

58.South Asia tropic garden industrial construction 

Water Conservancy

1.Great river, big river, great lake treatment and main and branch control project

2.Trans-valley water diversion project

3.Water source project in places where water is short

4.Rural people and livestock drink and water improvement project 

5.Safety construction of flood storage and retention areas

6.River and sea levee maintenance and construction

7.Silt cleanup project in rivers, lakes and reservoirs

8.Risky reservoir and dike reinforcement project

9.Development and application of dam hidden danger monitoring and restoring technology

10.City water-logging warning and flood prevention and drainage project

11.Sea outlet regulation project

12.Integrated utilization of water conservancy hubs

13.Check dam project

14.Development and manufacture of geosynthetics for water conservancy project and new materials

15.Large and medium-sized irrigation area reformation and infrastructure construction

16.Flood control and drought relief emergency facility construction

17.High-efficiency water distribution and water-saving irrigation technology and equipment manufacturing

18.Development of automatic water regimen and water quality monitoring and flood control scheduling system as well as water resource real-time monitoring system

19.Hydrological data acquisition instrument and equipment manufacturing

20.Water resource saving protection and water environment ecological remediation project

21.Mountain stream treatment  

22.Public irrigation and water conservancy construction

23.Comprehensive treatment and soil and water conservation of small-medium valley  


1.Development and application of water-coal-slurry technology

2.Development and application of coal gasification and liquefaction technology

3.Lower calorific value fuel (including coal gangue) and coal associated resources development and equipment manufacturing

4.Development and application of coal high-efficiency washing and desulfuration technology

5.Coal and electricity power and coking (deep progress of coke oven gas and coal tar) integrated construction

6.Coal mining method for improving resource recovery, process development and equipment manufacturing

Electric Power

1.Hydroelectric generation 

2.Power station construction for supercritical and ultra-supercritical unit with single unit at 600,000KW or above

3.Cogeneration, heat, electricity and cold co-production using 300,000KW or above central heating unit

4.Power station construction of large air cooling unit with single unit at 600,000KW or above at water-deficient areas

 5.Wind power generation, development and utilization of solar power, geothermal energy, ocean energy, biomass energy and other renewable energy sources

6.Gas and steam combined cycle power generation

7.Re-circulating fluidized bed, pressurized fluidized bed and integrated gasification combined cycle generation and other clean coal power generation at 300,000KW or above

8.Fluidized bed boiler power generation with coal gangue, oil shale or fault coal with single unit at 200,000 or above 

9.AC and DC (500KV or above) electric transmission and transformation

10.Desulfurization and denitration transformation of newly-operated generator set; matching denitration device of newly-built power plant

11.Upgrade and construction of urban and rural power grids

12.Development of relay protection technology and power grid safe operation and monitoring information technology

13.Intensive design and automatic technology development of large power plant and large power grid substation

14.Cross-region power grid interconnection project technological development

15.Application and dissemination of new electric transmission and transformation technology

16.Development and application of technology for reducing losses of transmission, substation and distribution

17.Development and application of diversified power supply technology

 Nuclear Power

1.Uranium mine geological survey and mining and smelting of uranium mine

2.Low temperature nuclear heating reactor, fast breeder reactor, fusion reactor, advanced research reactor and high-temperature gas cooled reactor

3.Construction of nuclear power station

4.Manufacture of high-performance nuclear fuel elements

5.Aftertreatment of spent fuel 

6.Manufacture of nuclear analysis and detection instrument

7.Development of isotope, accelerator and radiation application technology

8.Development of advanced uranium isotope separation technology

9.Development of radiation protection technique and manufacture of monitoring equipment

10.Development of nuclear facility physical protection instrument


 Petroleum and Natural Gas

1.Petroleum and natural gas exploration and exploitation

2.Exploration and development of natural gas hydrate

3.Storage of crude oil, natural gas and product oil, pipeline transportation facility and network construction 

4.Comprehensive utilization of oil gas associated resources

5.Improve oil recovery, production safety control technology and facility, development and application of ecotope recovery and pollution control project technology

6.Evacuate recovery and utilization of natural gas


1.Black metal mine substitute resource exploration and key exploration technological development

2.Construction of new-generation large mechanized coke oven with a coking chamber (higher than 6m and wider than 500mm) and dry quenching, coaling and coke pushing and dust collector

3.Application of coal  tamping coking and blended coal coking technology

4.Application of dry coke quenching and conduction oil heat transfer technology

5.oxide pellet production (more than 1,200,000t/year) by large chain grate rotary kiln and pellet firing machine

6.Iron making (more than 150,000t/year) by direct-reduction process

7.Development and application of advanced and applicable smelting reduction technology

8.Scrap steel processing and disposal (classify, cut and package, excluding steel-making)

9.Development and application of alloy steel bloom, heaw slab, round billet, special shaped billet and near net shape casting technology

10.Development and application of modern broad hot strip rolling mill technology and manufacture of key parts

11.Development and application of thin slab casting and rolling key technology and manufacture of key parts

12.Production of high-strength steel

13.Production of steel for high-speed heavy-haul railway

14.Production of oil well pipe for mining oil, high-pressure boiler tube for power station and steel pipe for long-distance transmission of oil and gas

15.Production of H-shaped steel and thread steel (400MPa or above)

16.Development and application of cold rolling wide flat steel key technology and manufacture of key parts

17.Production of cold rolling silicon sheet

18.Application of controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology

19.Production of ultrahigh power graphite electrode with diameter more than 550mm

20.Production of millipore and ultramicropore carbon brick for large blast furnace

21.Production of high-quality synthetic and unshaped refractory

22.Development and application of new technology of iron alloy

23.Full coal gas cogeneration 

24.Application of regenerative combustion technology

25.Application of Integrated automation of metallurgy technology 

Non-ferrous Metal

1. Non-ferrous metal mine substitute resource exploration and key exploration technological development

2. Construction of large-medium copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and nickel mines

3. Exploitation of deep and difficult mine beds of short supply resources

4. Development and application of sulfide mineral pollution-free strengthened melting technology

5. Development of high-efficiency extraction device and technology

6. Production of and tubular product and technological development

7. Development of high precision copper plate, strip, foil and high-speed strip casting production technology and equipment manufacturing

8. Manufacture of high-performance metal materials for rail transit

9. Development and application of non-ferrous metal composite materials

10. Production of high-performance and high-precision hard alloy and deep-processed products and ceramic materials

11. Deep process and application of rare and rare-earth metals

12. Production of tin compounds and antimony compounds (excluding antimony oxide)

13. Manufacture of high-performance magnetic materials

14. Production of superfine powder materials, electronic paste and products thereof

15.Manufacture of noncrystal alloy thin belts

16. Manufacture of new brake materials

 17. Development of high-quality magnesium alloy casting technology and plate, pipe and section processing technology 

18. Development of technology for detecting and controlling production process of non-ferrous metals

19. Development and application of baking, hot-press preoxidation and bacterial oxidation extraction technology

Chemical Industry

1. Exploration of industrial chemicals mineral resources and construction of large-medium industrial chemical mines

2. Construction of resource-conserving and environmentally-friendly nitrogen fertilizer equipment and material localization and economization transformation

3. Production of high-quality phosphatic compound fertilizer, potash fertilizer and various special compound fertilizers

4. Development and production of high-efficiency, low-toxicity and safe new pesticides and intermediates

5. Construct and transform inorganic chemical industrial production equipment by the clean production technology

6. Production of environmental protection coating

7. Production of new bio-chemical products, special fine chemicals and film materials

8. Development and production of new high-efficiency and pollution-free catalysts

9. Production of organic silicon, organic fluorine and high-performance inorganic fluorine chemical products

10. Production of inorganic nano and functional materials

11. Development and production of new fuels and intermediates  

12. Construction of large arene production equipment

13. Transformation of refining and lowering energy consumption equipment for improving quality of oil products

14.Construction of large ethylene (800,000t/year or above) and current ethylene reconstruction and extension

15. Development of large synthetic resin, new synthetic resin technologies and products

16. Development of production technology for large caprolactam, glycol and acrylonitrile as well as manufacture of complete equipment

17. Advanced technological development and new product manufacture of large synthetic rubber, synthetic latex and thermoplastic elastomer 

18. Production of new environment friendly oiling agents, addition agents and other textile chemicals

19. Production of composite materials, functional high polymer materials, engineering plastics, low-cost and new plastic alloys

20. Production of large basic organic chemical materials by advanced technology

21. Production of high-grade road asphalt, polymer modified asphalt and special asphalt

22. Comprehensive utilization of sweet acidic heavy crude oil

23. Development of new additives, new adsorbents, high-performance additives and formulation technology for processing synthetic resin

24. Polyvinyl chloride made by oxychlorination (200,000t/year or above)

25. Production of titanium white by chloride process

26. Production of high-grade radial tire, matching special materials and equipment thereof

27. Production of alcohol ether fuels

Building Materials

1. New dry cement production (4000t/d or above output) and equipment and matching material development

2. Development and production of new energy-saving and environment friendly wall materials, heat and sound insulation materials, waterproof materials, building sealing materials and building coatings

3. Production of high-quality environment friendly friction and sealing materials

4. Development and production of alkali-free glass fiber tank furnace drawing technology and high-performance glass fiber and product technology

5. Production of high-quality energy-saving and composite doors and windows as well as hardware fittings

6. Development and manufacture of new pipeline (including pipe fitting) technology

7. Development of high-quality float-glass production technology and equipment as well as energy-saving and safe plate glass deep progress technology

8. Development and production of pedestal pan, water-saving urinal, squatting pan and water-saving control equipment which use not more than 6L water once

9. Production of high-purity, superfine and modified fine processed mineral materials required by innovative and high technology and environmental protection industry, development and manufacture of technical equipment

10. Development of harmless and resource key technology and equipment for eliminating industrial wastes, urban rubbish and sludge during producing new dry cement, new wall materials and other building material products

11. Development of glass fiber reinforced plastics mechanization molding technology

12. Development of bulk cement equipment technology

13. Development and production of additive technology for high-performance concrete

14. Development and production of artificial manufactured sand production line (500,000t/year or above) and technological equipment thereof

15. Large cement (1,000,000t/year or above) grinding station construction

16. Production of large rough stone block (more than 200,000m3/year) and ultra-thin composite stone

17. Development of high-quality artificial crystalline material production technology


1. New drug development and production with proprietary intellectual property rights

2. Development and production of major communicable disease control vaccine and new drugs

3. Development and production of new diagnostic reagent and biochip technique

4. Development and production of new medicines and tools for Planned Parenthood (contraceptive including the third-generation progestational hormone and the third-generation intrauterine device, etc)

5. Development and production of natural medicines and ocean medicines

6. Development and production of preparation and new auxiliary materials

7. Development and production of key medical intermediate

8. Development of new technology and new products on biomedical engineering

9. Development and production of new medicine preparation technology

10. Development and production of large-scale medicinal polypeptide and nucleic acid synthesis, fermentation production and purification technology

11. Development and application of film technology, supercritical extraction technology, chirality technology and self-control technology in medicine production

12. Development and application of bulk drug clean production technology

13. New packing materials and technological development thereof

14. Modernization of traditional Chinese medicine (artificial breeding technological development for endangered scarce medicinal animals and plants; application of advanced agricultural technology in standardized plant and cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines; extraction, purification and development and application of quality control new technology of effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine; development and application of technology of modern traditional Chinese medicine dosage and production process control technology and equipment; and development and industrialization of innovative technology of Chinese herbal pieces)

15. Development and production of minority traditional medicine

16. Development and manufacture of digital medical image products and health information technology

17. Development and manufacture of early diagnosis medical instruments

18. Development and manufacture of minimal invasive surgery and interventional therapy equipment and apparatus

19. Development and production of medical first-aid and rehabilitation engineering technological equipment 

20. Cultivation of experimental animal 

21. Development and utilization of microorganism


1. Manufacture of key parts of numerical control machine and cutters thereof

2. Manufacture of high-speed and precise numerical control machine linkage with more than three axises, numerical control system and AC servo equipment and linear motor

3. Development and manufacture of new sensor

4. Manufacture of car bearing, railway bearing, precise bearing and low-noise bearing 

5. Manufacture of mixed-flow and axial-flow type hydroelectric equipment with diameter of rotating wheel more than 8.5m and key matching auxiliary engines thereof

6. Manufacture of large through-flow and pumped storage hydro-power generating unit and key matching auxiliary engines

7. Technological development of matching equipment of supercritical and ultra-supercritical thermal power generating unit (600,000KW or above), equipment manufacture and manufacture of key matching auxiliary engines

8. Manufacture of circulating fluidized bed boiler (300,000KW or above)

9. Manufacture of steam gas cycle equipment (400,000KW or above)

10.Technological development of large, precise and specified casting and forging and equipment manufacture

11. Manufacture of super voltage AC and DC (500KV or above) electric transmission and transformation matching equipment

12. Manufacture of clean energy generating equipment (nuclear power, wind power generation, solar energy and tide, etc)

13. Manufacture of synthesis ammonia (300,000t/year or above) matching equipment

14. Development and application of ethylene (600,000t/year or above) matching equipment manufacturing technology

15. Development and manufacture of distributed control system (DCS) and intelligent field instrument 

16. Development and manufacture of precise instrument

17. Manufacture of new hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing components and equipment

18. Technological development of automatic welding equipment and equipment manufacture

19. Design and manufacture of large and precise mould and automobile mould

20. Development of controlled atmosphere and large vacuum heat treating technology and equipment manufacture

21. Design and manufacture of safety production and environmental monitoring instrument

22. Manufacture of urban rubbish treatment equipment

23. Manufacture of coal ash storage and utilization matching equipment

24. Manufacture of recycling equipment for waste electrical equipment, plastics and waste rubbers 

25. Manufacture of sea water desalinization and sea water direct use equipment

26. Development and manufacture of industrial robot and matching system thereof

27. Manufacture of mine comprehensive excavation and handling matching equipment (5,000,000t/year or above) as well as large coal washing mechanical equipment

28. Manufacture of large strip mine matching equipment (20,000,000t/year or above)

29. Manufacture of large oil-gas gathering and transferring equipment

30. Manufacture of automatic high-speed multicolor matching print equipment

31. Manufacture of seed, fertilizer, water and drug high-efficiency application and conservation tillage agricultural implements

32. Development and manufacture of seed (more than 5t/h) processing matching equipment

33. Manufacture of poultry automatic breeding matching equipment 

34. Manufacture of installation agricultural equipment

35. Manufacture of agricultural, forest, fishery and animal product deep processing and resource comprehensive utilization equipment

36. Manufacture of key equipment for comprehensive utilization of straws

37. Manufacture of agricultural (cotton, paddy, corn, beans, potatoes, and grass feed, etc) harvester

38. Development of industrial production equipment manufacturing technology for forest and artificial vegetation

39. Development and manufacture of large engineering construction machinery and key parts

 40. Development and manufacture of electric-control combustion engine and key parts technology

41. Development of cold (hot) accumulation technology and equipment manufacture 

42. Design and manufacture of matching equipment of large energy recycling equipment

43. Design and manufacture of deep drilling rig matching equipment (7000m or above)

44. Manufacture of high-performance dredging equipment

45. Manufacture of equipment for treating medical wastes intensively

46. Automatic climatological station system technological development and equipment manufacture

47. Manufacture of special meteorological observation and analysis equipment

48. Development of seismic station, network and mobile seismic observation technology and instrument manufacture 

49. Research of new technology and equipment for monitoring and controlling geological disasters

50. Manufacture of harmful gas purification equipment

51. Related technology and equipment for testing food quality safety

52. Manufacture of scraped car disassembling and crushing equipment


1.Design and development of automobile, integrated motorcycle and motor as well as key parts system

2. Manufacture of automobile key parts (automatic gearbox and heavy gearbox, etc) and advanced applicable automobile and motors with independent property rights (brands)

3. Manufacture of automobile lightweight and environment-friendly materials

4. Precise forging, multistation pressure forming and casting for important parts of automobile

5. Development and manufacture of test system for testing and maintaining automobile and motorcycle

6. Development and manufacture of integrated car of compressed natural gas, hydrogen fuel, synthetic fuel, liquefied petroleum gas and alcohol-ether fuel automobile as well as new-energy automobile (hybrid electric automobile, electromobile and fuel cell automobile, etc) and key parts

7. Advanced small displacement and economy passenger cars, pallet carrier and large special multiaxis automobile

8. Development and manufacture of advanced passenger car diesel motor 

9. Development and manufacture of city lowrider


Category Two: Restricted category

I. Agriculture and forestry

1. High/medium density fiberboard project with single line below 50,000m3/year

2. Wood particleboard project with single line below 30,000m3/year

3. Rosin production project, below 1000 ton/year

II. Electric power

1. Regular coal-fired power units with the capacity below 300,000KW/unit

2. Generator set with coal consumption higher than 300g standard coal/KWH; generator set with coal consumption of air cooled unit higher than 305g standard coal/KWH

III. Petroleum, natural gas and chemical

1.Below 100,000 ton/year, PET device with DMT way

2.Below 70,000 ton/year, polypropylene device (continuous method and interval method)

3.Below 100,000 ton/year, acrylonitrile device

4.Below 100,000 ton/year, ABS resin device (except for ontology continuous method)

5.Below 600,000 ton/year, ethylene device

6.Below 8,000,000 ton/year, atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit of refinery

7.Below 500,000 ton/year, catalytic cracking device; below 400,000 ton/year, continuous catalytic reforming unit; below 800,000 ton/year, hydro cracking unit; below 800,000 ton/year, delayed coking unit

8.Below 200,000 ton/year, polyethylene unit

9.Below 200,000 ton/year, PVC device using ethylene oxychlorination method; below 120,000 ton/year, PVC device using calcium carbide method

10.Below 200,000 ton/year, styrene device (except for dry gas ethyl benzene process)

11.Below 100,000 ton/year, polystyrene device

12.Below 225,000 ton/year, purified terephthalic acid device

13. Below 200,000 ton/year, ethylene oxide/glycol device

14.Below 100,000 ton/year, caprolactam device

15. Below 200,000 ton/year, acetic acid device using ethylene method; below 100,000 ton/year, acetic acid device using oxo synthesis method

16.Below 1,000,000 ton/year, ammonia alkali device

17.Below 300,000 ton/year, alkali joint device

18.Below 200,000 ton/year, acid manufacture device using sulphur; below 100,000 ton/year, acid manufacture device using sulfur and iron material

19.Titanium dioxide production line using sulfuric acid process (the product quality meet international standard, except for comprehensive utilize waste acid and ferrous and realizing emission standard requirement)

20.Below 5000 ton/year, iron oxide red pigment device

21.Below 5000 ton/year, production line of electrolytic manganese dioxide

22.Below 150,000 ton/year, caustic soda unit

23.Below 20,000 ton/year, potassium hydroxide device

24.Below 10,000 ton/year for single set, HF production device (except for mating for personal use and electric hydrogen fluoride with high purity)

25. Below 6,000 ton/year for single set reaction kettle, below 30,000 ton/year F22 production device for after treatment (except for regarding as raw material for further processing)

26. Below 20,000 ton/year, production device of(methyl)organic silicon monomer

27. Below 80,000 ton/year, production project of methane chlorides (exclude the methane chloride production project for mating organic silicon)

28.Above 80,000 ton/year, methane chlorides production project that does not have supporting disposal facility for all the byproduct of carbon tetrachloride

29.Bias tire project

30.Cycle tire project (hand-push tire)

IV. Information industry

1. VCD production line (overall product of VCD series)

2. Simulate CRT black and white television and color television project

V. Steel and iron

1.Coke oven project which does not construct synchronous supporting devices of dry quenching, coal charging, coke pushing and dust removal in steel and iron enterprise and water-deficient area

2.Sintering machine project that below 180 m2

3. Iron making furnace projects which below 1000m3 or equal or above 1000m3 effective volume, without the supporting device of coal injection, dust removal, excessive pressure for generating electricity. These projects can not meet the standard of energy consumption and fresh water consumption.

4. Steel converter projects which below 120 ton or equal or above 120 ton nominal capacity, without the supporting device of coal gas recovery, dust removal. These projects can not meet the standard of energy consumption and fresh water consumption.

5. Electric furnace projects which below 70 ton or equal or above70 ton nominal capacity, without the supporting device of smoke & dust recovery. These projects can not meet the standard of energy consumption and fresh water consumption.

6. Hot rolled strip projects (exclude special steel) which below 800mm

7. Hot dip galvanized coil projects which below 250,000 ton/year

8. Color coating coil projects which below 100,000 ton/year

9. Ferroalloy ore-smelting electric furnace projects which below 25,000KVA or equal or above 25,000KVA. These projects can not meet the standard of environment protection and energy consumption, etc.

10. Production line of fire-proof material with chromium

11. Production line of general power and high power graphite electrode

12. Production line of ultra high power graphite electrode which below 550mm diameter and 20,000 ton/year

13. Production line of carbon block which below 50,000 ton/year; production line of carbon electrode which below 40,000 ton/year

14. One part form of fixed gasifier project (exclude powder gas gasifier)

VI. Nonferrous metal

1. Production project (except for the renovation projects) of tungsten, molybdenum, antimony, rare earth ore mining, smelting, antimony oxide, and tin-lead solder.

2. Crude copper smelting projects with the scale below single series 100,000 ton/year

3. Electrolytic projects (except for the replacement projects which eliminate soderberg cell productivity and the environment protection reform projects)

4. Lead smelting projects which the scale below single series 50,000 ton/year

5. Zinc smelting projects which the scale below single series 100,000 ton/year

6. Magnesium smelting projects (except for the comprehensive utilizing projects)

7. Regenerative aluminum reverberatory furnace projects which below 4 ton.

8. Reverberatory furnace projects which adopt coal burning directly in the regenerative nonferrous metal production.

9. Wet fluoride slat project for aluminum

10. Carbon projects for aluminum which below 100,000 ton/year

11. Pool leaching process project for ionic rare earth ore

12. Regenerative lead projects which below 10,000 ton/year


Type III Eliminated ones

remarks:Eliminated time limit is in the brackets after clauses and subclauses and the eliminated time limit is 2006 ,that is those ones should be eliminated before the end of 2006, and others are analogized by this rule;the items which are on HPMP should be eliminated according to the plan; the items which are not marked eliminated time limit or not on HPMP are ones that national industrial policies have public orders to be eliminated or immediately eliminated.

Backward production techniques outfit

agriculture and forestry

1. Wet fiberboard production process

2. Drop rosin production process method


1、coal and mining industry

2.6AM、φM-2.5、PA-3  Coal flotation machine

3.PB2、PB3、PB4 Mining flame-proof high voltage switch

4. PG-27 vacuum filter

5. X-1box pressure filters

6.ZYZ、ZY3 hydraulic support

7. Wooden support

electric power

1. Conventional thermal power generating units of coal and steam, whose  single machine capacity are less than 100000 KW Within service of the expiration in the range of big power grid.

2. Conventional and soft thermal power generating units, whose single machine capacity is 50000 KW and less than 50000 KW

3. Fuel boiler and power generating units, which are mainly for power generating (50000 KW and less than 50000KW)

4. Conventional thermal power units, which has been running for 20 years, and whose single machine capacities are less than 100000 kw

5. All kinds of units, which have passed expiration of life service and whose single machine capacities are less than According to the design

6. All kinds of coal-fired units, whose power supply standard coal consumption is higher than 390 g/kilowatt per hour

7. All kinds of units, which do not reach the environmental protection discharge standards

8. Units, which should be shut and stopped according to relevant laws, rules and regulations, or units which the relevant departments of the state council have placed public orders

 (4) Oil, natural gas and chemicals

1. Oil and gas fields, which have not obtained the mining permit oil and do not accord with overall development planning national of oil and gas resources

2. oil production equipment , whose safe environmental protection can not reach the national standard

3. small diesel oil refining production equipment , which produces gas, kerosene,diesel with 1 million tons/year and less than 1 million tons/year

4. Pyrite mine acid production equipment , which produce less than 40000 tons/year

5. Bias tire Article with 500000 / year and less than 500000 / year or tires production line which make natural cotton cord fabrics as skeletons

6. carbon black production equipment dry granulation with 10000 tons/year and less than 10000 tons/year

7. yellow phosphorus production line with less than 1000 tons/year

8. calcium roasting chromium compounds production line with single line of 10000 tons/year (2006)

9. Indigenous method for refining oil

10. Mercury law for caustic soda

11. calcium carbide furnace and open calcium carbide furnace with less than 5000 kVA ( less than 10000 tons/year)

12. calcium carbide furnace whose emissions do not reach the standard

13. process of iron powder reduction method

14. ammonia and fenvalerate melt process of sodium , which produce cyanide sodium

15. production process of high and middle temperature sodium and paraquat method

16. Pesticide products manual bag (irrigation) installed equipment

17. Graphite anode baffle law for caustic soda

18. KDON-6000/6600 air separation unit’s storage tanks process

19. Direct fire heating of coating and use resin for production process

20. production devices of chlorine fluorine hydrocarbon (CFCs) (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

21. Production process which mainly produce carbon tetrachloride (CTC) (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

22. production process for products which use carbon tetrachloride (CTC) for processing agent  (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

23. production process for fluorine-containing polymer which use CFC ­-113 as processing agent  (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

24. production devices which are used to clean the 1,1,1-three monomer (VCM) (methyl chloroform) (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

25. production device of methyl bromide (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

26. production device of saponin with less than 100 tons/year (including hydrolyzed content) (2007)  

27. production process of acid hydrochloric acid solution saponin and production equipment of pollutants which can't meet the need (2006)

28. production process of DDT paint (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

29. dicofol process of raw materials for the production of DDT in an unclosed way (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

30. nitric acid unit of atmospheric and synthesis pressure

31. production line of lead chromium yellow with less than 1000 tons/year

32. electricity quarries hot stove projects with less than2.5 kWA (ability is less than 45000 tons) and more than 25000 kWA, which do not satisfy the access requirements of environmental protection, energy consumption

33. production equipment of calcium roasting chromic compound with single line of less than 20000 tons/year

34. production device of saponin (including hydrolyzed content) with less than 300 tons/year (except comprehensive utilization)

(5) steel

1. Indigenous method for coking (including improved coke oven)

2. coke oven whose chamber height is less than 4.3 m (except ramming coke oven of 3.2 meters and above 3.2 meters and)

3. Soil sinter

4. Hot sinter

5. sintering machine with less than 30 square meters (2005)

6. blast furnace with less than 100 cubic meters

7. blast furnace of 100 ~ 200 cubic meters (including 200 cubic meters) (except iron blast furnace) (2005)

8. blast furnace of 200 ~ 300 cubic meters (including 300 cubic meters) (not including blast furnace of professional cast iron tube factory) (2007)

9. induction furnace with industrial frequency and intermediate frequency of steel bar, steel ingot or continuously cast bloom at production site

10. converter with less than 15 tons (excluding ferroalloy converter)

11. electric furnace with less than 10 tons (not including mechanical casting furnace)

12. iron steelmaking

13. converter with less than 15 ~ 20 tons (excluding ferroalloy converter) (2005)

14. converter with less than 20 tons (excluding ferroalloy converter) (2006)

15.10 ~ 20 tons of electric furnace (do not contain high alloy steel and mechanical casting furnace) (2005)

16. electric furnace with less than 20 tons (not containing high alloy steel and mechanical casting furnace) (2006)

17. double wire mill

18. lateral wire mill

19. lateral small mill

20. folded rolling plate mill

21. beginning rolling mill and medium mill for cogging

22. narrow hot strip mill

23. jobbing sheet-rolling mill of three roller type

24. seamless tube rolling machine with less than 76 mm diameter

25. wire mill of three roller type (excluding special steel production) (2005)

26. metallurgical furnaces which do not achieve environmental protection standard (2005)

27. soil asphalt tar dipping device of manual operation, soil shaft kiln of mineral raw materials and solid materials mixed burn as well as natural ventilation and manual operation, down draft kiln with coal as fuel, and smoke can't meet standard (2005)

28. furnace with 3200 kWA and less than 3000 kWA, semi-closed reduction furnace with less than 3000 kWA and refining furnace with less than 3000KWA (except electric furnace of calcium silicon alloy, electric furnace metal manganese, silicon aluminum alloy, calcium silicon barium aluminum, tungsten iron, ferrovanadium and other special breeds)

29. ferroalloy ore hot furnace with less than 5000 kWA (2005)

30. Steam heating kneading, pour flame type baking furnace, graphitization furnace, exchange furnace with less than 3340 kWA and the graphitization condensing units, graphitization furnace whose maximum output current is 50000 Ann (2005)

(6) non-ferrous metal

1. mining acquisition projects without approval of competent department of state council, no mining permit tungsten, tin, antimony, ionic rare earth and other mining specified minerals that country implement protective policies.

2. processing projects  (including hard alloy) without approval of competent department of state council and the not allowed construction of tungsten, tin, antimony, ionic rare earth smelting projects and tungsten

3. refined zinc or production zinc oxide products with muffle furnace, the furnace, the manger cans, small vertical distillatory of roasting, simple condensing facilities to collect dust

4. use iron pot for stoves, distilled and cans, crucible furnace, and the simple condensing dust collecting facilities way to refine mercury

5. refining oxidation arsenic or metal arsenic products by ways of soil pit furnace or crucible furnace roasting, simple condensing facilities and collecting dust

6. pre-baked aluminum electrolysis cell

7. process and equipment with a furnace bed area of less than 1.5 square meters and airtight blast furnace to refine copper

8. process and equipment with a furnace bed covering an area of 1.5 ~ 10 square meters closed blast furnace to refine copper (2006)

9. process and equipment with more than 10 square meters by airtight blast furnace to refine copper (2007)

10. process and equipment of electric stove by reverberatory furnace to refine copper (2006)

11. technology of smoke and dry cleaning and acid hot strong acid washing

12. " Errenzhuan" non-ferrous metal rolling mill (2006)

13. refining antimony by pit furnace, furnace, Hertz furnace and some other backward ways

14. process and equipment of sintering pot, sintering dish and some simple backward ways as well as blast furnace lead smelting

15. process by crucible furnace, aluminum alloy melting regeneration of the lead regeneration (2005)

(seven) gold

1.collectting gold process by mixed mercury

2. process of small pool immersion, small heap leaching and small smelting

3. acquisition projects without approval of competent department of state council, exploitation of gold mineral ratifications and the mining permit

(8) building materials

1. production line with less than six machine soft vertical plate glass

2. production line of flat glass and ordinary flat "Gefa" process line with less than 100 tons of melting volume per day

3. production line of diameter of kiln cement mechanization shaft kiln with less than 2.2 meters

4. production line of no plastic cement bags

5. production line of middle -and -low-standard building ceramic brick with leaa than 7000 00 square meters/year, production line of low standard with less than 200000 per year

6. production line of paper face plasterboard with less than 4 million square meters/year

7. production line of modified asphalt waterproofing materials with less than 2 million square meters/year (2006)

8. kiln cement and dry hollow kiln with diameter of 2.5 meters and less than 2.5 meters (except production special cement)

9. equipment of cement grinding with diameter of less than 1.83 meters

10. Water soil (egg) kiln, common shaft kiln

11. earth kiln of sanitary ceramics, pour flame kiln, porous kiln, tunnel kiln and tunnel kiln open-flame burning and coal burning, tunnel kiln of sagger outfit health ceramics

12. machine of architectural ceramic brick molding with friction pressure brick

13. shaft kiln of lime soil

14. production technology of clay crucible glass fiber and equipment of drawing

15. annular kiln with tiles of less than 18 door and shaft kiln, annular kiln without top , water chestnut kiln ,earth kiln etc.

16. ordinary brick extruding machine with less than 400 type

17. brick extruding machine of 450 general type (2006)

18. SJ1580-3000 dual axle, single axis mixer

19. SQP400500-700500 double rollers crusher

20. article cutting machine of 1000 general type

21. pressure brick machine with less than 100 tons of offer turn type

22. Handmade wallboard production line

23. Simple mobile concrete block molding machine, adhesion type vibration moulding machine (2005)

24. concrete block fixed molding machine with single class of less than 10000 cubic meters/year, concrete pavement fixed molding machine with single class of less than 100000 square meters/year

25. production process of artificial casting, machine gypsum (hollow) block

26. production line of paper tire linoleum asphalt with less than 1000000 rolls/years

27. Vacuum compression technique and production technology and equipment of refined one-step quartz glass

28. producing synthetic diamond by 6 x 600 tons of six face top small compressor

29. Handiwork cut, production line of maintenance of autoclaved aerated concrete

30. the non-metallic mining mechanization without mining license which do not accord with environmental protection and satisfy safety production requirements

(9) medicine

1. manual capsule filling process

2. cork hot wax packaging drug process

3. potting machines of ampoule and wire drawing  that do not meet the requirements of GMP

4. the tower heavy distilled water

5.  hot air drying oven without purification facilities

6. production device of labor protection and waste treatment that can't reach national standard API (2006)

(10) machinery

1. furnace lead bath after heat treatment

2. barium chloride bath furnaces after heat treatment (high temperature barium chloride bath furnaces are postponed to be eliminated)

3. TQ60, TQ80 tower crane

4. QT16, QT20, QT25 mast simple tower crane

5. KJ1600/1220 list tube improvement for machine

6. smelting furnace with a common corundum of less than 6.3000 kWA

7. smelting furnace of silicon carbide with less than 3000-kWA

8. simple elevator of mandatory driving type

9. equipment production line , which uses chlorine fluorine hydrocarbon (CFCs) as agent of tobacco expansion (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

(11) light industry

1. salt manufacturing by vacuum with less than 50000 tons/year

2. production equipment of using brine mineral water. oil and gas field water , the pan, and beach bask in salt

3.production equipment of sea salt with less than 10000 tons/year

4. production equipment of processing leather with less than 30000 zhang per year (passbook cowhide standard zhang)

5. ink production device with less than 300 tons/year (except use of high technology and pollution-free)

6. carbonated beverage production line whose production capacity is less than 100 units every minute (bottles with less than 250 ml)

7. production line chemical pulp with less than 3.4 ten thousand tons/year

8. production device of straw with less than 3.4 ten thousand tons/year (2007)

9. production process of polyurethane foam plastics products, polyethylene, polystyrene foam plastics extrusion, which uses chlorine fluorine hydrocarbon (CFCs) as foaming agent (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

10. production line of refrigerants refrigerator, deep freezers and automobile air conditioner, industrial business with cold storage, refrigeration equipment , which uses chlorine fluorine hydrocarbon (CFCs) as foaming agent (according to the national performing international convention for the overall plan out)

11. production process of carbon tetrachloride (CTC) for cleaner (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

12. production process of CFC-113 for cleaner (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

13. production process of methyl chloroform (TCA) for cleaner (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

14. bath welding stove of bicycle salt

15. process of Indian industry in tin cans welding

16. production process of matches row stems, discharge infarction

17. Richard infarction machine, row match stems machine, unloading infarction machine

18. impact type nail making machine

19. Strike type wire mesh loom

(12) textiles

1. spinning frames before the founding of country

2. spinning frames of ones that begin with "1"

3. A512 and A513 spinning frames which are produced in and before 1979 year

4. B581, B582 refined spinning frames

5. BC581, BC582 rove spinning frames

6. B591 spinning wool

7. various types of spinning wools which have been used for more than 20 years

8. B601, B601A twined hair type line machine

9. cotton roller gin  with roll length of less than 1000 mm (except long-staple cotton seed processing)

10. saw tooth cotton gin with saw web of less than 80

11. the tonnage lint packer with pressure of less than 200 tons (not including the 160 tons short hair cotton packer)

12.1332 SD collaterals tube machine

13. BC272, BC272B article points comb wool machine

14. B701A wool wave ground machine

15. B311C, B311C (CZ), B311C (DJ) comber

16.1511 M-105 looms

17. K251, K251A silk weaving machine

18. Z114 small jacquard machine

19. GE186 jacquard hair circle machine

20. Z261 artificial fur machine

21. LMH551 flat nets printing machine

22. LMH571 circular nets printing machine

23. LMH303, 303 B, 304, 304 B-160 hot melt dyeing machine

24. LMH731-160 machine picture of hot air cloth and single-purpose

25. LMH722M-180, LMH722D-180 short ring roasted shaped-machine dry

26. ZD647, ZD721 automatically reeling machine

27. D101A automatically reeling machine

28. ZD681 shaft reeling machine

29. DJ561 silk worsted machine

(13) printing

1. lead row process

2. the stamping process

3. ZD201, ZD301 typecasting machine of words

4. TH1 automatically article casting machine

5. ZT102 article casting machine

6. ZDK101 font carving machine

7. KMD101 font kendo grinding machine

8. AZP502 semi-automatic Chinese hand picking cast row machine

9. ZSY101 semi-automatic Chinese cast row machine

10. TZP101 e article foreign word cast row machine

11. ZZP101 type Chinese automatic cast row machine

12. QY401, 2 QY404 electric stamping a prototype

13. QYSH401, 2 QY401, DY401 a prototype of manual type stamping

14. YX01, YX02, YX03 press paper machine

15. HX01, HX02, HX03, HX04 bake paper machine

16. PZB401 type flat cast version machine of stereotype

17. JB01 flat poured version machine of stereotype

18. YZB02, YZB03, YZB04, YZB05, YZB06, YZB07 cast version machine of stereotype

19. RQ02, RQ03, RQ04 lead pump melting furnace lead

20. BB01 dig version machine

21. YGB02, YGB03, YGB04, YGB05 round scraping machine of stereotype

22. YTB01 round boring version machine of stereotype

23. YJB02 round saw version machine of stereotype

24. YXB04, YXB05, YXB302 round version of the machine of stereotype

25. P401, P402 four kipping pressure printing machine

26. P801, P802, P803, P804 eight kipping pressure printing machine

27. PE802 double hinge printing machine

28. TE102, TE105, TE108 printing machine of fully automatic turn and 2 platforms

29. TY201 printing machine of monochrome a rotary platform

30. TY401 printing machine of four open monochrome and a rotary platform

31. TY4201 printing machine of four open and rotary double color

32. TT201, TZ201, DT201 printing machine to turn off manual paper stopped platform

33. TT202 printing machine of automatic stop off turn platform

34. TZ202 printing machine of turn off semi-automatic stop platform

35. TZ401, TZS401, DT401 printing machine of four open semi-automatic stop turning platform

36. TT402, TT403, TT405, DT402 printing machine of four open to be automatic stop turning platform

37. TR801 printing machine of vertical platform

38. LP1101, LP1103 printing machine of flat paper all single cycle

39. LP1201 printing machine of flat paper all double surface cycle

40. LP4201 printing machine of flat paper four open double color cycle

41. LSB201 (880 x 1230 mm) and LS201, LS204 (787 x 1092 mm) rolling wheel printer paper books

42. LB203, LB205, LB403 printing machine of drum paper newspaper edition cycle

43. LB2405, LB4405 printing machine of double two groups reported rolls of paper version cycle

44. LBS201 printing machine of paper books, newspaper two rolls with cycle

45. K.M.T automatically typecasting and typesetting machine

46. PH-type 5 linotype Chinese characters

47. The ball shock proofing plate making machines (DIA PRESS qing flash)

48. plate cameras which are produced before 1985 year

49. manual phototypesetter which are produced before 1985 year

50. Centrifugal coating machine

51. J1101 fully monochromatic offset printing press (printing speed each hour is 4000 and less than4000)

52. J2101, PZ1920 monochrome offset printing machine (printing speed each hour is 4000 and less than4000)

53. PZ1615 four open monochromatic offset printing machine (printing speed each hour is 4000 and less than4000)

54. YPS1920 double monochromatic offset printing machine (printing speed each hour is 4000 and less than4000)

55. W1101 automatic gravure printing

56. AJ401 single reel paper four color gravure printing

57. DJ01 paperback book L type rubber

58. PRD-01, PRD-type paperback book interlocking machine

59. DBT interlocking machines for cable order, bags, paperback hot

60. Solvent besmear laminating machine

61. QZ101, QZ201, QZ301, QZ401 paper cutter

62. MD103A sharpening machine

(14) fire protection

1. production process of fire detectors and manual welding electronic components

(15) others

1. process of cyanide electroplating (process of electric gold-plated, silver, and copper alloy and to render copper are postponed to be eliminated)

2. process of cyanide heavy zinc

backward products

(a) oil, natural gas and chemicals

1. PCBS-polychlorinated biphenyls (pesticides)

2. Weeding ether (pesticides)

3. Insecticidal narrowed (pesticides)

4. LvDan (pesticides)

5. Seven chloride (pesticides)

6. Poison rat strong (pesticides)

7. Fluorine ethyl amide (pesticides)

8. Fluorine sodium acetate (pesticides)

9. DBCP (pesticides)

10. sulfotep (Sue change 203) (pesticides)

11. Phosphorus amine (pesticides)

12. Kennedy fluorine, poison rat silicon (pesticides)

13.107 coatings

14. The modified starch coatings

15. Modified fiber coating

16. water-borne coating of interior decoration with volatile organic matter content of more than 200 g/l or free formaldehyde content of more than 0.1 g/kg (including buildings, wood furniture USES)

17. interior decoration coating with soluble metal lead of more than 90 mg/kg, or cadmium content of more than 75 mg/kg, or chrome content of more than 60 mg/kg, or mercury levels of more than 60 mg/kg (including buildings, wood furniture USES)

18. solvent wood furniture coatings with volatile organic matter content of more than 700 g/l or swim divorced cyanate ester content of more than 0.7%

19. Polyvinyl alcohol (pva) sodium silicate paint of inside wall (106 interior wall coating materials)

20. colorful interior wall coatings (tree ester with cellulose solvents to give priority to, nitrification xylene primarily O/W type coating)

21. wall paint of Vinyl chloride copolymer emulsion and vinyl chloride-partial

22. waterproof coating of tar polyurethane

23. waterproof coating of Water based PVC tar

24. coatings of external walls of polyvinyl alcohol (pva) acetal

25. wall painto f polyvinyl acetate emulsion class (including EVA lotion)

26. building waterproof juncture materials (tar type) of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

27. LianBenAn and LianBenAn type azo dye

28. Soft and flat edge structure

29. DDT (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

30. Six chlorobenzene (country is to eliminate units according to national overall plan of international convention)

31.  Mirex (Eliminated abiding by the requirements of the overall plan of the International Treaty)

32.  Chemical fertilizer production project, the raw material of which is petroleum (except the high-sulfur petroleum coke)

33.  Mercuric chloride catalysts project

34. Production project of high-toxic pesticide chemical: (methamidophos, parathion, parathion-methyl, monocrotophos, omethoate, isocarbophos, isofenphos-methyl, phorate, phosfolan-methyl, phosfolan-ethyl, terbufos, methidathion, methyl bromide, methomyl, aldicarb, carbofuran, zinc phosphide, diphacinone-sodium, diphacinone-ketone, kypfarin, coumatetralyl, bromadiolone, brodifacoum)

35.  Production project of dicofol, the raw material of which is DDT

36. Production project of sodium pentachlorophenate, the raw material of which is hexachlorobenzene

37.  Lindane production project

II. Railway

1.   C50 type open wagon

2.   P50 type box wagon

3.   N60 type flat wagon

4.   G50 type light oil truck

5.   Dongfeng I, II, III type diesel locomotive

III. Steel

1.  Strip steel produced by line frequency furnace and intermediate frequency furnace, steel ingot or continuous cast produced by line frequency furnace and intermediate frequency, and steel products using both as raw materials

2.   Hot rolling silicon-steel sheet

3.   25A hollow window steel material

4.   Reinforcement products with 1 level crew thread

IV. Colored metal

1. The copper wire rod (black rod)

V. Building material

1.  To strengthen the concrete (CRC) empty planks with the fiberglass produced by alkali -resistless glass fiber or non low-alkaline cement

2.  Figuline furnace fiber drawn glass fiber strengthened plastic products

3.  25A hollow steel window

4.  S-2 type concrete sleeper

5.  Squatting pan with water quantity of more than 9 L for each swash

6.  Hornblende asbestos ( namely the Crocidolite)

7.  Common plastic doors and windows with bilayer glass and plastic doors and windows with single cavity structure

8.  Polyethylene and polypropylene composite waterproof roll, cotton polyester glass fiber  gridding (high-alkali) composite tire, PVC waterproof roll (S-shaped) produced by the technique of composition and forming by reheating

VI. Medicine

1.  Tin-lead paste tube

2.  Ampoule for package of powder injection

3.  Natural rubber plug for officinal use ( injections: penethamate for injection (sodium salt, kali salt), the basic transfusion being eliminated immediately, the due time of elimination for other high-capacity injection is in the end of 2005)

4.  Ampoule with straight neck

VII. Machinery

1.  T100, T100A bulldozer

2.  ZP-II, ZP-III dry-type shotcrete machine

3.  WP-3 excavators

4.   Pneumatic mucker with capacity below 0.35 cubic meter

5.   Mining cable drill

6.   BY-40 petroleum drilling machine

7.   Water gas generator with 1.98 m diameter

8.   CER diaphragm capsule series

9.   Thermoelectric couple (type LL-2, LB-3, EU-2, EA-2, CK)

10.   Thermal resistance (type BA, BA2, G)

11.   DDZ-I type instrument combined by electric units

12.   GGP-01A type belt weigher

13.   BLR-31 type weighing sensor

14.   WFT-081 radiation temperature detector

15.   WDH-1E, WDH-2E photoelectric thermometer

16.   BC series differential manometer with single bellows

17.   LCH-511, YCH-211, LCH-311, YCH-311, LCH-211, YCH-511 type differential manometer with symmetric rings

18.   BWC-01A type strip electric and potential differential manometer

19.   PYS type digital thermometer

20.   XQWA type automatic strip balance indicator

21.   ZL3 type X-Y recorder

22.   DBU-521,DBU-521C type liquid level transmitter

23.   JO2、JO3 series small size asynchronous motor

24.   JDO2、JDO3 series three phase asynchronous motor with pole inverter and multispeed.

25.   YB series explosion-proof and three-phase asynchronous motor (seat no. 63-335mm, voltage below 660 v)

26.   DZ10 series moulded case breaker

27.   DW10 series frame breaker

28.   CJ8 series A.C contactor

29.   QC10、QC12、QC8 series starter

30.   JR0、JR9、JR14、JR15、JR16-A、B、C、D series thermorelay

31.   Full series rotary D.C arc welding machine with motor drive

32.   GGW series frequency intermediate and centreless inductive smelting furnace

33.   B type and BA type cantilever centrifugal pump with single pole and inhalation

34.   F type single-inhalation noncorrosive pump series

35.   GC type low-voltage boiler feed pump

36.   JD type deep-well pump with long axis

37.   KDON-3200/3200 type regenerator ASU in whole low-pressure process

38.   KDON-1500/1500 type regenerator (tubular type) ASU in whole low-pressure process

39.   KDON-1500/1500 type tube plate ASU in whole low-pressure process

40.   3W-0.9/7 (annular valve) air compressor

41.   C620、CA630 engine lathe

42.   X920 keyseater

43.   B665、B665A、B665-1 shaping machine

44.   D6165 EDM shaping machine

45.   D6185 EDM shaping machine

46.   D5540 electric pulse machine

47.   J53-400 Double-Disc friction presses

48.   J53-630 Double-Disc friction presses

49.   J53-1000 Double-Disc friction presses

50.    Q11-1.6×1600 plate shearing machine

51.   Q51 derrick car

52.   TD62 type conveyor with fixed strap

53.   D.C stringing mining electric locomotive in the pit with capacity of 3 tons

54.   A57 single girder crane

55.   4146 diesel engine

56.   Quick-breaker: DS3-10, DS3-30, DS3-50(1000, 3000, 5000A), DS10-10, DS10-20, DS10-30(1000, 2000, 3000A

57.   BX1-135, BX2-500 A.C arc wielding machine

58.   AX1-500, AP-1000 D.C arc wielding motor-generator

59.   SX series box-type resistor

60.   Single-phase watt-hour meter: DD1, DD5, DD5-2, DD5-6, DD9, DD10, DD12, DD14, DD15, DD17, DD20, DD28

61.   SL7-30/10~SL7-1600/10, S7-30/10~S7-1600/10 distribution transformer

62.   Knife switch: HD6, HD3-100, HD3-200, HD3-400, HD3-600, HD3-1000, HD3-1500

63.   Boiler feed pump: DG270-140, DG500-14, DG375-185

64.   Thermo-motive drainage valve: S15H-16, S19-16, S19-16C, S49H-16, S49-16C, S19H-40, S49H-40, S19H-64, S49H-

65.   0.4-0.7t/h boiler with vertical water pipe and fixed grate (except the boiler with double layer and fixed grate)

66.   Dynamic reciprocating compressor: 1-10/8, 1-10/7type

67.   High-voltage centrifugal blower: 8-18series, 9-27series

68.   X52, X62W 320×150 lifting mining machine

69.   J31-250 mechanical press

70.   TD60, TD72 type fixed belt conveyor

71.   Agriculture truck with single cylinder diesel as fuel amount limiter (shortened as fuel limiter ) as power device

72.   E135 double stroke medium speed diesel engine (including 2, 4, 6 cylinder type)

73.   TY1100 type vertical hydro-cooling direct injection diesel with single cylinder

74.   165 horizontal evaporating hydro-cooling diesel with single cylinder and precombustion chamber

75.   Illegally modified truck and expired truck

VIII. Light manufacturing

1.    Mercury battery (mercury oxide galvanic battery and battery pack, zin-mercury battery)

2.    Disposable foamed plastic tableware

3.    Direct-injection gas heater

4.    Matches containing potassium dichromate

5.    Spiral lifting (cast iron) tap

6.    Aniline ink for intaglio printing

7.    Water level of the inlet mouth is below the overflow mouth

8.    Cast-iron shutoff valve

9.    Ultra-thin (thickness smaller than 0.025mm) plastic shopping bag

IX. Textile

1.   H112, H112A type sectional warping machine

2.   B751 type wool-balling machine

3.  1332 series cone winder

X. Fire fighting

1. Fire-extinguishing agent of bromochlorodifluoromethane (1211fire-extinguishing agent in short) (2005)

2. Fire-extinguishing agent of bromotrifluoromethane (1301 fire extinguishing agent in short) (2010)

3. The simplified 1211 fire extinguishing agent

4. Portable 1211 fire extinguishing agent (2005)

5. Transportable 1211 fire extinguishing agent (2005)

6. Portable chemical-powder fire extinguishing agent

7. Portable acid-base fire extinguishing agent

XI. Others

1. 59, 69, 72, TF-3 type gas mask