The Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Catalogue (revised in 2011) Release time:2012年3月6日
Encourage foreign investment industry catalogue:

1.      Agriculture, forestry, husbandry and fishery industry

1.1   The planting, developing and producing of ligneous edible oil, spices and industrial raw materials.

1.2   The planting technique developing and product producing of green and organic vegetables (including edible mushroom and muskmelon), dried and fresh fruit and tea leaves.

1.3   The new planting technique developing and product producing of sugar materials, fruit trees, forage grass and other field crops.

1.4   The construction and operation of flower production and nursery base.

1.5   The planting of rubber, oil palm, sisal hemp and coffee.

1.6   The planting and farming of Chinese medicinal crops (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

1.7   The integrated utilization of crops straw returning and development and production of organic fertilizer resource.

1.8   The planting and cultivating of wood (or bamboos) and polyploidy trees.

1.9   The breeding of aquatic offspring seeds (excluding Chinese endemic precious varieties).

1.10  The construction and operation of ecological environment protection engineering such as planting trees and grass to prevent desertification and water and soil erosion.

1.11  The aquatic product cultivation, deep water net cages, factory aquatic production and ecological marine cultivation.

2.       Mining industry

2.1   The exploration and exploitation of coal seam gas and the utilization of mine gas (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

2.2   The risk exploration and exploitation of fossil oil and natural gas (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

2.3   The exploration of hyposmotic oil and gas pool (field) (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

2.4   The exploration and application of new techniques to increase oil recovery factor and related fields (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

2.5   The exploration and application of new techniques in geophysical prospecting, well drilling, well logging, borehole operation and other petroleum exploration fields (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

2.6   The exploration and exploitation of oil shale, oil sand, heavy oil, ultra heavy oil and other unconventional petroleum resource (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

2.7   The exploration, exploitation and mineral dressing of iron and manganese ore.

2.8   The exploration and application of new techniques to increase gangue utilization ratio in the mining area and the integrated application of ecological restoration techniques in the mining area.

2.9   The exploration and exploitation of shale gas, seabed natural gas hydrate and other unconventional natural gas resources (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

3.       Manufacturing industry

3.1    Agricultural food processing industry

3.1.1    The exploration and production of biological feed, straw feed and aquatic feed.

3.1.2     Aquatic product processing, shellfish purification and processing and seaweed healthcare food exploration.

3.1.3     Vegetables, dried and fresh fruits and livestock products processing.

3.2    Food manufacturing industry

3.2.1     The exploration and production of infant food, geriatric food and healthcare food.

3.2.2      The exploration and production of forest food.

3.2.3      The production of natural food additives and ingredients.

3.3   Drink manufacturing industry

3.3.1      The exploration and production of fruit and vegetable, protein, tea, coffee and botany drinks.

3.4    Tobacco manufacturing industry

3.4.1       The cellulose diacetate and silk flock processing (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

3.5    Textile industry

3.5.1       Multi-functional industrial textiles, such as light texturized, high-intensitive, heat or cryogenic resisting, chemical substance resisting, light resisting etc., using composite technology of non-weaving, weaving and knitting.

3.5.2          Weaving, tinting and subsequent processing high-grade fabrics of advanced energy conservation and emission reduction technologies and equipments.

3.5.3          The production processing of special natural fibers according with the need of integrated utilization of ecology and resource and environment protection (including special animal fiber like cashmere, jute fiber, silk, colored cotton, etc.).

3.5.4          Clothes production using computer integrated manufacturing system.

3.5.5          Functional, environmental and special clothes production.

3.5.6          The production of high-grade carpet, embroidery and embroidery products.

3.6    Leather, fur and (down) feather manufacturing industry

3.6.1          The cleaning technology processing of leather and fur.

3.6.2          The new decoration technology processing of leather.

3.6.3          High-grade leather processing.

3.6.4          The integrated utilization of leather castoff.

3.7    Wood processing and wood, bamboo, rattan, palm and grass manufacturing industry

3.7.1          The exploration and production of new integrated utilization techniques and products of three left things in forestry, subaltern materials and bamboo materials.

3.8    Paper producing and manufacturing industry

3.8.1          Producing high-grade paper and paperboard by overseas wood materials, simultaneous constructed to produce over 300,000 t of chemical wood pulp or over 100,000 t of chemical and mechanical wood pulp on a single producing line every year.

3.9    Petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing industry

3.9.1          The deep processing of needle coke and coal tar oil.

3.10   Chemical materials and chemical products industry

3.10.1      The exploration and production of sodium method fine bleaching pink, polrvinyl chloride and organic silicon new downstream products.

3.10.2      The supporting materials of synthetic materials: the production of hydrogen peroxide oxidation propylene method epoxy propane, glycerin method epichlorohydrin, dimethyl phthalate (NDC) and 1,4- ring ethane two methanol ester (CHDM).

3.10.3      Synthetic fiber materials: the production of caprolactam, nylon 66 salt, melt spinning polyurethane resin and 1,3-propylene glycol.

3.10.4      Synthetic rubber: the production of solution styrenebutadiene rubber (except for thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber), Gaoshun style butadiene rubber, butyl rubber, isoprene rubber, polyester rubber, acrylic rubber, chlorohydrine rubber, ethylene propylene rubber and special rubber like fluorous rubber and silicon rubber.

3.10.5      The production of engineering plastics and plastic alloy over 60,000 t every year, including phosgene method polycarbonate (PC), polyformaldehyde (POM), polyamide (nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 11 and nylon 12), polyethylene acetate (EVA), polyphenylene sulfide, polyetheretherketone, polyimide, polysulfone, polyether sulfone, polyarylate (PAR), liquid crystal polymer etc..

3.10.6      Fine chemistry: new catalyst products and techniques; dyestuff (pigment) commercialization processing techniques; the production of electronic and paper making chemical products, food and feed additives, leather chemical products (except for N-N dimethyl formamide), oil additives, surface active agent, water treatment chemicals, tackiness agent, inorganic fiber and inorganic nanometer materials; deep processing of paint coated treatment.

3.10.7      The production of environment friendly printing ink and aromatic oil.

3.10.8      The production of natural, synthetic and isolate perfumes.

3.10.9      The production of high-performance coatings, water-based automotive paint and supporting water based resin.

3.10.10   The production of fluorine and chlorine hydrocarbon substitute.

3.10.11   The production of high-performance fluororesin and fluorine membrane materials, medical fluorine containing intermediates and environment friendly refrigerating fluid and cleaning agent.

3.10.12   The production of recovery fluorine resources from phosphorus chemical and aluminium smelting.

3.10.13   The exploration and production of new forestry chemical techniques and products.

3.10.14   The exploration and production of environmental protected inorganic, organic and biological membrane.

3.10.15   The exploration and production of new type fertilizers: biological fertilizer, high density potash fertilizer, composite fertilizer, slow release controllable fertilizer, composite microbial inoculants, composite microbial fertilizer, straw and rubbish rotten agent and special functional microbial agent.

3.10.16   The exploration and production of new species, new formulations, special intermediates and assistants of high performance, safe and environmental friendly pesticides and related cleaning producing technologies (A fork method B grass amine, amine cyanogen method paraquat, water phase method chlorpyrifos technology, glyphosate recovery chloride methane technology, directional chiral synthesis and three-dimensional structure pesticide production and ethyl chloride synthesis technology).

3.10.17   The exploration and production of biological pesticides and biological control products: microbial pesticide, microbial microbicides, agricultural antibiotic, insect pheromone, enemy insects and microbial herbicide.

3.10.18   The integrated utilization and treatment of waste gas, liquid and solid.

3.10.19   The production of organic macromolecule materials: aircraft dope, rare earth vulcanization cerium red dye, lead-free electronic packaging materials, serial photolithography slurry special for colored plasma screens, ultra thin fiber with small diameter and large superficial area, high-precision oil filter paper and lithiumion battery membrane.

3.11   Pharmaceutical products industry

3.11.1      The production of new synthetic drugs or active ingredient drugs (including material drugs and preparations).

3.11.2      Amino acids: the production of tryptophane, histidine and methionine for seeds by fermentation method.

3.11.3      The production of new anti-cancer drugs, cardiovascular drugs and nervous system drugs.

3.11.4      The production of new drugs by biological engineering technology.

3.11.5      The production of new vaccines of AIDS, HCV, contraception, cervical cancer, malaria and hand-foot-mouth disease.

3.11.6      The production of biological vaccines.

3.11.7      The exploration and production of marine drugs.

3.11.8      Pharmaceutical preparations: the production of new formulations and products in slow release, controllable release, targeted, absorbed through skin and other new techniques.

3.11.9      The exploration and production of new pharmaceutical excipients.

3.11.10   The production of antimicrobial crude drugs for animals (including antibiotics and chemical synthetics).

3.11.11   The production of new products and formulations of antimicrobial drugs, anthelmintic drugs, helminthic drugs and anti-coccidial drugs for animals.

3.11.12   The production of new diagnostic reagent.

3.12   Chemical fiber manufacturing industry

3.12.1      The production of different chemical fiber and advanced technology chemical fiber, such as aramid fiber, carbon fiber, high-strength and high-mode polyethylene and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) (excluding mucilage glue fiber).

3.12.2      The production of new polyester for fiber and nonfiber: polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT), poly sebacic acid glycol ester (PEN), gather of terephthalic acid cyclohexane two methanol ester (PCT) and modified polyethylene glycol terephthalic acid glycol esters (PETG).

3.12.3      The production of biopolymer fiber by new regenerative resources and environmental friendly technologies, including new solvent method cellulose fiber (Lyocell), regenerative cellulose fiber of bamboo and poplin, polylacticacid fiber (PLA), chitin fiber, polyhydroxy fatty acid ester fiber (PHA) and animal and plant protein fiber.

3.12.4      The production of polyamide over 150 t on a single producing line every.

3.12.5      The production of aramid fiber for radil and cord thread.

3.13   Plastic manufacturing industry

3.13.1      The exploration and production of new light ecological and multi-functional wide membrane for agriculture.

3.13.2      The digestion and recycle of waste plastic.

3.13.3      The exploration and production of new techniques and products of plastic flexible packages (high barrier and multi-functional membrane and materials).

3.14   Non-metal mine manufacturing industry

3.14.1      The exploration and production of energy conservational, environmental friendly, recycling, light textured and high tensile, high performance and multi-functional construction materials.

3.14.2      The production of energy conservational and high efficient chemical building materials to use plastic instead of steel and wood.

3.14.3      The production of elastic body and plastic body modified asphalt membrane with over 10,000,000 ㎡ manual production, wide (more than 2 m) triple - B, C rubber waterproof roll sheet and accessories, wide (more than 2 m) polyvinyl chloride plastic waterproof roll sheet and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproof roll sheet.

3.14.4      The exploration and production of new technological functional glass: electromagnetic wave proof glass, glass substrate for microelectronic, through infrared unleaded glass, electronic grade large silica glass products (pipes, plates, crucible pots, instrument vessels, etc.), multi-functional wind-proof glass with excellent optical property, extreme materials and products for information technology (including waveguide level high precision optical fiber preform quartz glass casing and ceramic substrate) and the purification and processing of high pure (≥99.998%) and ultra high pure (≥99.999%) crystal materials.

3.14.5      The production of thin film battery electric conduction glass and solar power illuminator glass.

3.14.6      The production of glass fiber products and special glass fiber production: lowk glass fiber, quartz glass fiber, high tensile and high elastic glass fiber and ceramic fibre and its products.

3.14.7      The production of optical fiber and its products: coherent fiber bundle and laser medical optical fiber, over two generation and three generation micro-channel plate detector, optical fiber panel, image inverter and glass light cone.

3.14.8      The standard refining of ceramic raw materials and the production of high grade decoration materials for ceramics.

3.14.9      The production of environmental (non-chrome) fire proof materials, such asconcrete, electronic glass, ceramics and micro-pore carbon brick.

3.14.10   The production of aluminium nitride (A1N) ceramic substrate and porous ceramics.

3.14.11   The production of inorganic nonmetal new materials and products:composite materials, special ceramics, special seal materials (including high speed oil seal materials), special friction materials (including high speed friction and brake products), special jelling materials, special emulsion materials, acoustic rubber materials and nanometer materials.

3.14.12   The production of organic and inorganic composite bubble thermal insulation materials.

3.14.13   The production of high technology composite materials: continuous fiber enhance thermoplastic composite materials and prepreg resin matrix composite resist heat over 300℃ for confection process auxiliary materials, resin matrix composite (including high grade sports goods and light and strong transportation parts), special functional composite materials and products (including deep water and phreatic water and medical and recovery composite materials and products), carbon or carbon composite materials, high performance ceramic matrix composite materials and products, metal and glass matrix composite materials and products, metal layered composite materials and products, ultra high pressured composite rubber tube with pressure over 320 MPa and aircraft tire for air bus.

3.14.14   The production of precise high performance ceramics materials: silicon carbide (SiC) ultra fine powder (purity > 99%, average grain size < 1μm), silicon nitride (Si3N4) ultra fine powder (purity > 99%, average grain size < 1μm), high pure and ultra fine aluminum oxide micro powder (purity > 99.9%, average grain size < 0.5μm), low temperature sintering zirconium oxide (ZrO2) powder (sintering temperature <1350℃), high pure aluminium nitride (AlN) powder (purity > 99%, average grain size < 1μm), rutile type TiO2 powder (purity > 98.5%), silica white (grain size < 100nm) and barium titanate (purity > 99%, grain size < 1μm).

3.14.15   The exploration and production of high quality artificial crystals and crystal film products: high quality artificially synthesized crystal (piezoelectric crystal and through ultraviolet light crystal), ultra hard crystal (cubic boron nitride crystal), heat resisting high insulation artificially synthesized insulation crystal (artificially synthesized mica), new electric light crystal, high power laser crystal and large gauge scintillating crystal, diamond film tools and ultra thin artificial diamond saw web thinner than 0.3 mm.

3.14.16   The refining of (ultra thin smashed, high pure, refined and modified) nonmetal mines.

3.14.17   The production of ultra high power graphite electrode.

3.14.18   The production of pearl mica (grain size 3-150 μm).

3.14.19   The production of multi dimensional and multi directional whole fabric and copy fabric.

3.14.20    The harmless treatment of solid waste by new processing cement kiln.

3.14.21   The recycle of construction wastes.

3.14.22   The integrated utilization of industry byproduct gypsum.

3.14.23   The exploration and application of new techniques to utilize nonmetal mining area gangue and mining area ecological restoration.

3.15   Nonferrous metal smelting and rolling industry

3.15.1      The production of silicon single crystal and polished section with over 200 mm diameter.

3.15.2      The production of new technology nonferrous metal materials: compound semiconductor materials (gallium arsenide, gallium phoshpide, Indium phosphide, gallium nitride), high temperature super conduction materials, memory alloy materials (titanium, copper based and iron based memory alloy materials), ultra fine (nanometer) calcium carbide and ultra fine (nanometer) crystal hard alloy, ultra hard composite materials, noble metal composite materials, aluminium foil for radiator, medium and high pressure cathode capacitance aluminium foil, special large aluminium alloy extrusions, aluminum alloy precision die forgings, electrification railway overhead conductors, ultra thin copper belt, corrosion and heat resistant exchanger copper alloy materials, high performance copper and copper-nickel and copper-iron alloy belt, beryllium-copper belt, line, pipe and stick processing materials, heat resistant and decline fighting tungsten filament, magnesium alloy castings, unleaded welding materials, magnesium alloy and its application product, foamed aluminium, titanium alloy belt materials and titanium welding pipes, atomic energy level sponge zirconium and tungsten and molybdenum deep processing products.

3.16   Metal products industry

3.16.1      The development and manufacture of light and environmental new materials in aviation, aerospace, automobiles and motorcycles (dedicated aluminium sheet, aluminum magnesium alloy materials, motorcycle aluminum alloy car frame, etc.).

3.16.2      The exploration and production of construction hardware and water heating equipment and hardware.

3.16.3      The manufacture and processing of metal packing products for food and oil stuffs, fruits and vegetables, drinks, cosmetic products and other contents (thinner than 0.3 mm) (including painting and processing internal and external walls of these products).

3.16.4      The manufacture of nickel saving stainless steel materials.

3.17   General equipment manufacturing industry

3.17.1      The manufacture of high grade numerical control machine tool and key components: five axis linkage numerical control machine tool, numerical control coordinate boring and milling processing center, numerical control coordinate grinding machine, five axis linkage numerical control system and servomechanism installation and high speed ultra hard cutters for precise numerical control processing.

3.17.2      The manufacture of multi station upset forging machine over 1,000 t.

3.17.3      The manufacture of disassembly, cracking and post processing separation equipment for scraped cars.

3.17.4      The manufacture of FTL flexible production line.

3.17.5      The manufacture of vertical multiple joint industrial robots, welding robots and their welding equipments.

3.17.6      The manufacture of special processing machines:  laser cutting and tailor welding complete equipments, laser precise processing equipments, numerical control low speed silking electrical discharge line cutting machine and sub-micron ultra fine grinder.

3.17.7      The manufacture of wheel and crawler type hoisting machine over 400 t (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

3.17.8      The design and manufacture of high pressure plunger pump and motor (working pressure ≥ 35 MPa) and low speed large torque motor (working pressure ≥ 35 MPa).

3.17.9      The manufacture of integral hydraulic multi channel valves (working pressure ≥ 25 MPa) and electrohydraulic proportional servo elements.

3.17.10   The design and manufacture of valve island, air powered magnetic valve (power < 0.35W) and high frequent electricity powered air valve over 200 Hz.

3.17.11   The design and manufacture of hydrostatic actuating device.

3.17.12   The development and manufacture of contactless air film seal (pressure > 10 MPa) and dry gas seal (pressure > 10 MPa) (including experiment equipments).

3.17.13   The development and manufacture of high molecular material equipments for cars (friction plate, modified phenolic aldehyde piston, nonmetal hydraumatic total score pump, etc.).

3.17.14   The manufacture of wheel bearings of the third and fourth generation cars (flange plate inside and outside the bearing astragal and functional parts of wheel bearings of transducer), high and medium grade numerical control machine tool and processing center bearings (the processing center has over three axis linkage function and its direction repeat accuracy is 3-4 μm), high speed wire and plate materials rolling mill bearings (supporting and working roller bearings with the rolling speed of the single way wire rolling mill over 120 m/s and the processing plate of the sheet rolling mill over 2 mm), high speed railway clearings (running speed over 200 km/h), low noisy bearings with vibration amplitude Z4 (Z4, Z4P, V4 and V4P noise grade), P4 and P2 grade bearings of various bearings, wind generating set bearings (the principal axis bearings, speed increaser bearings and generator bearings of wind generating set over 2 MW) and aviation bearings (the principal axis bearings, landing gear bearings, drive system bearings and operation system bearings of aviation engine).

3.17.15   The manufacture of high tensile, high precise and complex powder metallurgy parts and link chains for cars and engineering machines.

3.17.16   The manufacture of gear system of wind power and high speed trains, naval variable propeller gear drive system and large and heavy gear case.

3.17.17   The manufacture of heat resistant insulation materials (insulation level F and H) and insulation von berg systeme.

3.17.18   The development and manufacture of accumulator capsule and hydraulic pneumatic rubber seal.

3.17.19   The manufacture of fastener which is high precise, high strength (above level 12.9), heterotypic and combinatorial.

3.17.20   The manufacture of micro precise transmission joint piece (clutch).

3.17.21   The manufacture of the connecting shaft of large rolling mill.

3.17.22   The remanufacture of machine tool, engineering machine, railway locomotive equipment and automobile parts.

3.18   Special equipment manufacturing industry

3.18.1      The manufacture of trackless mining, installing and transporting equipments in mining areas: mechanical drive mining dumper over 200 t, mobile crusher, bucket wheel excvavtor over 5,000 m³/h, mining loader over 8 m³ and electric traction getter over 2,500 kw.

3.18.2      The manufacture of geophysical prospecting and well logging equipments: MEME earthquake radio detector, digital telemeter seismometer, digital image and numerical control well logging system, horizontal well, directional well and drilling machine equipments and MWD logging while drilling apparatus.

3.18.3      The manufacture of petroleum exploration, well drilling and gathering and transportation equipment: floating drilling system (working depth > 1,500 m), floating production system and matched undersea oil and gathering and transportation equipment.

3.18.4      The manufacture of large caliber rotary drilling rig (caliber > 2 m and depth > 30 m), push bench (diameter > 1.2 m), large excavation laid underground pipeline equipment (back to drag force > 300 t) and underground continuous wall construction drill.

3.18.5      The design and manufacture of large soil shifter (horsepower ≥ 520).

3.18.6      The design and manufacture of bait casting machine over 100 m³/h and the sludger of dredge boat over 1,000 t.

3.18.7      The design and manufacture of concrete impervious wall construction equipments for flood control dams.

3.18.8      The manufacture of underwater earth and stone construction machines: soil shifter, loader and excvavtor working deeper than 9 m.

3.18.9      The manufacture of road and bridge maintenance and automatic test equipment.

3.18.10   The manufacture of operation monitor, ventilation, disaster prevention and rescue system equipments of road and tunnel.

3.18.11   The design and manufacture of railway large scale construction, railway line, bridge and tunnel maintenance machines and check and monitor equipments and components.

3.18.12   The manufacture of (asphalt) linoleum tile equipments and metal roof production equipments like galvanized steel sheet.

3.18.13   The mix technology and manufacture of environmental energy reservation field painting polyurethane water proof and heat preservation system, polyurethane sealing compound and modified silicone sealing compound.

3.18.14   The design and manufacture of high precise strip mill (thickness accuracy 10 micrometer).

3.18.15   The manufacture of mineral dressing plant for multi element, fine particle and difficult smelting metal minerals.

3.18.16   The manufacture of key equipments in ethylene complete plant over 1,000,000 t/y: mixed granulator (treatment ability > 400,000 t/y), spiral unloading centrifugal machine (diameter ≥ 1,000 mm) and little capacity and high lift centrifugal pump.

3.18.17   The manufacture of large coal chemical industry complete plant (limited to joint capital and cooperation).

3.18.18   The design and manufacture of metal product mould (copper, aluminum, titanium and zirconium tube, stick and section extrusion die).

3.18.19   The design and manufacture of external car body abdeckblech stamping die, large injection mold like car instrument board and fender guard and car and motorcycle fixture and cubing.

3.18.20   The design and manufacture of car power battery special production equipment.

3.18.21   The design and manufacture of precise mould (stamping die with accuracy > 0.02 mm and cavity mould with accuracy > 0.05 mm).

3.18.22   The design and manufacture of nonmetal product mould.

3.18.23   The manufacture of bear filling equipment over 60,000 bottle per hour, medium and heat drink filling equipment over 50,000 bottle per hour and sterile filling equipment 36,000 bottle per hour.

3.18.24   The manufacture of key equipments and production technology of amino acid, enzymic preparations and food additives.

3.18.25   The manufacture of complete plant and key parts of feed processing over 10 t/h.

3.18.26   The manufacture of light corrugated board and carton equipments with ridge height under 0.75 mm.

3.18.27   The manufacture of sheet multi color offset press (width ≥ 750 mm, printing speed: single side multi color ≥ 16,000 pieces per hour and double sides multi color ≥ 13,000 pieces per hour).

3.18.28   The manufacture of single width single paper road roll paper lithographic printing machine with printing speed over 75,000 folio pieces per hour (787 × 880 mm), double width single paper road roll paper lithographic printing machine with printing speed over 170,000 folio pieces per hour (787 × 880 mm) and commercial roll paper lithographic printing machine with printing speed over 50,000 folio pieces per hour (787 × 880 mm).

3.18.29   The manufacture of multi color wide flexographic press (printing speed ≥ 1,300 mm, printing speed ≥ 350 m/s) and inkjet digital press (for publication: printing speed ≥ 150 m/min, resolution ratio ≥ 600 dpi; for package: printing speed ≥ 30 m/min, resolution ratio ≥ 1,000 dpi; for variable data: printing speed ≥ 100 m/min, resolution ratio ≥ 300 dpi).

3.18.30   The manufacture of computer ink color presetting, ink color tracking, ink painting speed following, printing quality automatic detection and tracking system, shaftless transmission technique, high speed automatic paper meeting machine, paper giving machine and auto control and adjust high speed paper folding machine with speed of 75,000 pieces per hour, auto over printing system, cooling facility, silicon adding system and attune slanting devices.

3.18.31   The manufacture of electron gun auto coating machine.

3.18.32   The deep processing technology and equipment manufacture of plate glass.

3.18.33   The manufacture of complete plant like new paper making machine (including paper pulp).

3.18.34   The manufacture of leather post decoration new technology equipment.

3.18.35   The development and manufacture of new equipments for agricultural products processing and storage: the new equipments to process, store, refresh, classify, pack and dry food, oil, vegetables, dried and fresh fruits, meet and aquatic products, agricultural products quality determination equipments, agricultural products zero damage quality determination equipments, rheometer, farinograph, ultra micro breaking plant, high efficient dewatering equipment, high efficient fruit juice concentrator over 5 level, power food material sterilization equipment, solid and semisolid food sterile package equipment and disc type separation centrifuge.

3.18.36   The manufacture of agricultural machine: agricultural facilities and equipments (greenhouse auto irrigation equipment, nutrient solution auto configuration and fertilization equipment, high efficient vegetable seed raising equipment and soil nutrient analysis equipment), tractor and supporting tools with engine power over 120 kw, low fuel, low noise and low emission diesel engine, spraying machine from large tractor with residual fog grain recovery package, high performance rice planter, cotton picking machine and picking station, self-propelled corn combine harvester adapting to various row spacing (hydraulic drive or mechanical drive), oil seeds harvester, sugarcane harvester and sugar beet harvester.

3.18.37   The manufacture of new technical equipments for forestry machines.

3.18.38   The manufacture of collecting, bundling and comprehensively utilizing agricultural product straw equipments.

3.18.39   The manufacture of recycling utilization equipments for agricultural waste and large scale livestock cultivation waste.

3.18.40   The manufacture of agricultural equipments to save fertilizer, (agricultural) chemical and water.

3.18.41   The manufacture of electro mechanical wells cleaning equipments and cleaning drug production equipments.

3.18.42   The manufacture of electronic endoscope.

3.18.43   The manufacture of fundus camera.

3.18.44   The manufacture of key parts in medical imaging device (high field super conducting magnetic resonance imaging equipment, X line computer tomography imaging equipment, digital color ultra sonic diagnostic equipment, etc.).

3.18.45   The manufacture of medical ultra sonic transducer (3D).

3.18.46   The manufacture of boron neutron capturing diagnostic equipment.

3.18.47   The manufacture of image guided suitable type intensity modulated radiation treatment system.

3.18.48   The manufacture of hemodialysis machine and blood filter.

3.18.49   The manufacture of full automatic enzyme free system equipments (including adding sample, enzyme labeling, washing board, incubation, data post processing and other functions).

3.18.50   The new technology and equipment manufacture of drug quality control.

3.18.51   The development of new technology and manufacture of new equipment of natural drug active substance analysis.

3.18.52   The development of non PVC medical infusion bag multi layer co-extruding water cooled film blow molding equipment.

3.18.53   The development and manufacture of new textile machine, key parts and textile detection and experiment equipments.

3.18.54   The manufacture of computer jacquard artificial leather machine.

3.18.55   The manufacture of special equipments to produce solar battery.

3.18.56   The manufacture of air pollution control equipment: heat and corruption proof filter material, low NOx burning equipment, gas denitrification catalysts and denitrification complete plant, industrial organic waste gas treating plant, diesel vehicle waste gas treating equipment and heavy metal containing waste gas treating equipment.

3.18.57   The manufacture of water pollution control equipment: horizontal type spiral centrifugal machine, film and film materials, ozone generator over 50 kg/h, chlorine dioxide generator over 10 kg/h, ultra violet ray sterilizing device, rural minitype domestic sewage treating equipment and heavy metal containing waste water treating equipment.

3.18.58   The manufacture of solid waste treating equipment: sludge treatment and resource utilization equipment in sewage treatment plant, waste incineration complete plant with handling capacity over 500 t per day, waste landfill leachate treating equipment, refuse landfill leakage proof geo-membrane, construction waste treating and resource utilizing equipment, dangerous waste treating equipment, methane gas power generation device in refuse landfill, waste steel and iron treating equipment and contaminated soil recovery equipment.

3.18.59   The development and manufacture of integrated utilization equipment of red mud in aluminum industry.

3.18.60   The manufacture of integrated utilization equipment for tailing minerals.

3.18.61   The manufacture of recycle equipment for waste plastic, electrical machine, rubber and battery.

3.18.62   The manufacture of recycle equipment for waste textile.

3.18.63   The manufacture of recycle equipment for waste mechanical and electrical products.

3.18.64   The manufacture of integrated utilization equipment for waste tires.

3.18.65   The environmental technology and equipment manufacture for aquatic ecosystem.

3.18.66   The manufacture of mobile combination type water purification equipment.

3.18.67   The manufacture of unconventional water treating and reutilizing equipment and water quality monitoring instrument.

3.18.68   The leak test plant and instrument for industrial pipe net and equipment (instrument).

3.18.69   The development and manufacture of sea water desalination and circulation cooling technology and complete equipment with daily output over 100,000 m³.

3.18.70   The manufacture of special meteorological observation and analysis equipment.

3.18.71   The development and manufacture of seismic station, seismic network and flow seismic observation technology system.

3.18.72   The manufacture of radial tire molding machine with more than 3 drums.

3.18.73   The construction of rolling resistance tester and tire noise lab.

3.18.74   The manufacture of new technology equipment for heating measurement and temperature control device.

3.18.75   The manufacture of hydrogen energy producing, storing, transporting and auditing system.

3.18.76   The manufacture of new heavy residue oil-gasification atomizing nozzle, high efficient steam drain valve with steam leakage rate under 0.5 % and pyroceramic heat exchanger over 1000 ℃.

3.18.77   The manufacture of recovery plant for sea oil spills.

3.18.78   The manufacture of low consistency coalmine gas and wind lack utilization equipment.

3.19   Transportation equipment manufacturing industry

3.19.1      The manufacture of automobile engine and engine development institute construction: gasoline engine with power per liter over 70 kw, diesel engine with power per liter over 50 kw and output volume under 3 L, diesel engine with power per liter over 40 kw and output volume under 3 L and engines using fuel cell, blended fuel or other new energy.

3.19.2      The key parts manufacture and key technology development for automobiles: dual clutch transmission (DCT), electrically controlled mechanical transmission (AMT), gasoline engine turbo charger, viscous even shaft device (for four wheel drive ), auto transmission actuators (magnetic valve), hydrodynamic retarder, eddy current retarder, gas generator for automobile airbag, common rail fuel injection technology (maximum injection pressure > 2,000 pa), variable geometry turbocharger technology (VGT), variable nozzles turbocharged technology (VNT), engine emission control devices attaining the China Ⅴ stage standard for pollutants discharge, intelligent torque management system (ITM) and coupler assembly, steering by wire system, diesel particles catcher, special axle for low floor large passenger cars, absorption type steering system, frequency conversion air conditioning system in large and medium passenger cars, special rubber accessories for automobiles and key parts and components for the above accessories.

3.19.3      The manufacture and development of automobile electronic device: electronic  control system and key components in engine and chassis, vehiclebone electronic technology (automobile information system and navigation system), automobile electronic bus network technology (limited to joint capital), input parts (transducer and sampling system) and output parts (actuator) in the electronic control system, electronic controller in the electric power steering (limited to joint capital), embedded electronic integration system (limited to joint capital and cooperation), electric controlled air spring, electric controlled suspension system, electronic valve system device, electronic combined instrument, ABS / TCS / ESP system, brake by wire system (BBW), transmission control unit (TCU), tire pressure monitoring system (TMPS), onboard bug diagnosis (OBD), engine theft proof system, automatic bump avoid system and detection system for testing and maintaining automobiles and motorcycles.

4. The manufacturing of key spare parts of new energy automotive: Energy type power battery(energy density≥110Wh/kg, cycle life≥2000times, foreign investment proportion less than 50%),  Battery anode materials(specific capacity≥150mAh/g, cycle life:2000times, no less than 80% of the initial discharge capacity),  Battery diaphragm(thickness:15-40μm, porosity:40%-60%); battery management system, integrated electronic control of electric automobile; drive motor of electric automobile (peak power density≥2.5kW/kg, high efficient area:65%  of  working efficiency≥80% ),  DC/DC for automobiles(input voltage100V-400V),  high power electronics(IGBT, voltage class≥600 V, electric current ≥300A ); plug-in hybrid electromechanical coupling drive system.

5. The manufacturing of key spare parts of great displacement motorcycle (displacement>250ml):  electronic-control fuel injection technology of motorcycle (limited to the joint capital and cooperation); engine emission control devices that have been up to China's motorcycle Ⅲ stage emission standard.

6. Rail transportation equipment (limited to the joint capital and cooperation): The research and development, design and production of the vehicle and key parts of the high speed railway, railway passenger special line, the inter-city railway, mainline railway and urban rail transportation equipment (traction transmission system, control system, and brake system); the research and development, design and production of passenger service facilities and equipment of the high speed railway, railway passenger special line, the inter-city railway and urban rail traffic; the research and development, design and production of  rail and bridge equipment of the high speed railway, railway passenger special line, inter-city railway; the  research and development, design and production of  rail transportation communication signal system, the production of electrified railway equipment and facilities, control technology and research and development of  railway noise and vibration, and the production of  passenger railway drainage equipment and railway transportation safety monitoring equipment. 

7. The design, manufacturing and repairing of civil aircraft :main, regional airplanes (China holdings), general aircraft (limited to the joint venture, cooperation).

8.The manufacturing and repairing of the components and parts of civil aircraft..

9.The design and manufacturing of civil aircraft:  3 tons and above (China holdings), bellow 3 tons (limited to the joint venture, cooperation).

10.The manufacturing of the components and parts of civil aircraft.

11.The ground and water surface effect aircraft manufacturing (China holdings)

12.The design and manufacturing of  UAV and  floating machine (China holdings)

13. The design, manufacturing and repairing of the aviation engine and parts and aviation auxiliary power system (limited to the joint venture, cooperation).

14.The design and manufacturing of airborne equipment of civil aircraft(limited to the joint venture, cooperation)

15. The manufacturing of aviation ground equipment: civil airport facilities, flight testing ground equipment, flight simulation and training equipment, aviation test and measurement equipment, aviation ground test equipment, comprehensive test equipment for airborne equipment, special equipment for aviation manufacture, special equipment for developing aviation materials, the receiving and application equipment of the civil aircraft,  ground testing equipment for carrier rocket, carrier rocket mechanics and the environment experiment equipment.

16. Optomechatronics products of spacecraft, temperature control products of spacecraft, product testing equipment on planets, the manufacturing of products for structuring and organizing spacecraft.

17. The manufacturing of lightweight gas turbine.

18.The design of cruise ship and marine engineering equipment in deep water (deeper than 3000 meters) (limited to the joint venture, cooperation).

19.The manufacturing and repairing of the marine engineering equipment (including module) (China holdings)

20.The design of  low, middle-speed diesel and its components and parts for the ship (limited to the joint venture, cooperation)

21.The manufacturing of   low, middle-speed diesel and bent axle for the ship (China holdings)

22. The design and manufacturing of  cabin machinery of the ship (relatively China holdings )

23.The design and manufacturing of communication and navigation equipment of a ship: marine communication system equipment, electronic navigation equipment for ships, radar for ships, gyro-compass automatic helm, internal public broadcast system of ships, etc.

24.The  design and manufacturing of a yacht (limited to the joint venture, cooperation).

Chapter 20 Electric Equipment and Machinery

1.The manufacturing of key auxiliary equipment for the 1 million kw URC thermal power generating unit (limited to the joint venture, cooperation): the relief valve, the regulator.

2.The manufacturing of denigration technology equipment for coal fired power plant and the steel industry sintering machine.

3.The design and manufacturing of sealing element for the thermal power equipment.

4.The manufacturing of heavy casting and forging for coal-fired power stations and hydro-power station equipment.

5.The manufacturing of key auxiliary equipment for hydro-power generating units.

6.The manufacturing of equipment for electric power transmission distribution (limited to the joint venture, cooperation): the amorphous alloy transformer, operation mechanismfor more than 500KV high-pressure switch, arc control device, large tub insulator (more than 1000KV, 50KA),  outlet device, drivepipe (A.C. 500KV, 750KV, 1000KV and all the D.C. types) and tap changer (A.C. 500KV, 750KV, 1000KV loaded or unloaded switch) for 500KV and above transformer, dry flat wave reactor for D.C. transmission, converter valve (water cooling equipment, D.C. field equipment) for + 800KV D.C. transmission, electrical contactor material and solder without Pb and Cd that complied with European Union RoHS directive.

7.The manufacturing of complete equipment or key equipment for new energy power generation : photovoltaic power generation, geothermal power, tidal power, wave power, garbage power generation, methane gas power generation, 2.5MW and above wind power generation equipment.

8.The manufacturing of large pumped storage units with more than 350MW rated capacity (limited to the joint venture, cooperation): water pump turbine and governor, large variable speed reversible pump turbines, power electric motor and excitation, starting device and other accessory equipment.

9.The manufacturing of Sterling generators.

10.The development and manufacturing of straight line and plane motor and their driving system.

11. The manufacturing of high technology green batteries: Power nimh batteries, zinc nickel battery, zinc silver battery, the lithium ion battery, solar battery, fuel cells, etc.(except new energy vehicles energy type power battery)

12.The manufacturing of  compressor for refrigeration and air conditioning using the D.C. speed control technology adopted by the motor, and the natural medium co2 compressor for refrigeration and air conditioning,  the  refrigeration and air conditioning equipment which applicate the  renewable sources of energy (air source, water source, ground source)

13.The manufacturing of the solar energy air conditioning, heating system, solar drying equipment.

14.The manufacturing of dry biomass pyrolytic system, biomass gasification device.

15. The manufacturing of A.C. frequency modulating and  pressure regulating draught device.

Chapter 21 Communication equipment, computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry

1.The manufacturing of high definition camcorders and digital sound system.

2. The manufacturing of  TFT-LCD, PDP, OLED and other flat panel display screens and materials for display screens (except the TFT-LCD glass substrate of the 6 generation and the lower generations)

3.The manufacturing of optical engine, light source, projection screen, high definition projection tube show projection equipment modules and other key parts for big screen color projection display.

4. The manufacturing of digital sound and video codec equipment, digital broadcast TV studio equipment, digital cable TV system equipment, digital audio broadcast transmitting equipment, digital TV fluctuation converter, and digital television ground radio single frequency network (SFN) equipment, satellite uplink digital TV station equipment, satellite master antenna television (SMATV) front end equipment.

5.The design of integrated circuit, the manufacturing of  large-scale digital integrated circuit with a line width of  0.18 micron or below,  the manufacturing of simulation model, integrated circuit 0.8 micron or below, the manufacturing of MEMS and compound semiconductor integrated circuit, and the advanced packaging and testing of BGA, PGA, CSP, MCM, etc.

6.The manufacturing of  large and medium-sized computers, one hundred trillion times of high performance computer, portable microcomputers,  top-grade server of one trillion times or more per second, large simulation system, large industrial control machine and the controller.

7.The manufacturing of digital signal processing system and the card of the computer.

8.The manufacturing of  image recognition and processing system.

9.The development and manufacturing of  large capacity light, disk drives and their components and parts.

10.The manufacturing of storage system with high speed and an above 100TB capacity and intelligent storage devices.

11. The manufacturing of computer aided design (three-dimensional CAD), computer aided test (CAT), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer aided engineering (CAE) system and other computer application system.

12.The development and production of software products. 

13.The development and manufacturing of special electronic materials (except the development and manufacturing of optical fiber preform).

14.The manufacturing of special electronic equipment, test equipment, and industrial mold.

15. The manufacturing of new electronic components: chip components, sensitive components and sensor, frequency control and choice components, hybrid integrated circuit, the power electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, new mechanical and electronic components, polymer solid capacitor, super capacitor, passive integrated components, high density interconnection product layer board, multilayer flexible plate, and  flexible printed circuit board and package substrate.

16.The manufacturing of  the touch system (touch screen, touch components, etc)

17.The manufacturing of  high brightness LED with a luminous efficiency over 100lm/W, epitaxial wafer of high brightness LED with a luminous efficiency over 100lm/W, and white light tube with a luminous efficiency over 100lm/W and an over 200W rate of power.

18.The development and production of key-module for high density digital optical drive.

19.The copy of optical disk of read-only class and the production of recording CDs.

 20.The design and manufacturing of civilian satellites (China holdings)

21.The  manufacturing civilian satellites' payload(China holdings)

22.The manufacturing of components and parts of civilian satellites

23.The manufacturing of satellite communication system equipment.

24.The manufacturing of satellite navigation and positioning the receiving device and key components.

25.The manufacturing of optical communication measuring instrument and optical transceiver  with a speed of 10Gb/s and above. 

26.The manufacturing of Ultra-wide Bandwidth (UWB) communication equipment.

27.The manufacturing of wireless local area network (include and support WAPI ), and wide area network equipment. 

28. The manufacturing of Time Division Multiplex (TDM) with a speed of 40Gbps or more, Dense Wave Length Division Multiplexing (DWDM), broadband passive network equipment (including EPON, GPON, WDM-PON, etc), the next generation DSL chip and equipment, Optical Cross Connection (OXC), Automatic Switch Optical Network (ASON) , and optical fiber transmission equipment over 40G/sSDH.

29.The development and manufacturing of the Internet system equipment, terminal equipment, test equipment, software, chip of the next generation with IPV6 as their basis.

30.The development and manufacturing of mobile communication system, mobile phone base stations, core network equipment and network testing equipment of the third generation and the successive generations.

31.The development and manufacturing of high-end router, network switch with a speed of gigabit or more.

32.The manufacturing of air traffic control system equipment.

Chapter 22 Machine Building Industry For Instrumentation And Culture And Office. 

1. The manufacturing of industrial process  automatic control system and device: fieldbus control system, large programmable logic controller (PLC), two phase flow meter, solid flowmeter, new sensors and field measuring instrument.

2.The development and manufacturing of big size precision instruments: electronic microscope, laser scanning microscope, scanning tunneling microscope and electron probe, large metallurgical microscope, photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, Raman spectrometer, mass spectrometer, chromatography-mass spectrometry meter, NMR spectrum and eds, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, diffractometer, industrial CT, 450 KV industrial X-ray detection machine, large dynamic balance test machine, online mechanical quantity automatic test system, three coordinate measuring machine, laser than long instrument, electrical prospecting instrument, above 500 meters aviation electrical method and gamma energy spectrum measurement instruments, well gravity and three component magnetometer, high precision micro gravity and aviation gravity gradient measurement instrument, grating ruler, encoder.

3.The manufacturing of high precision digital voltmeter, ammeter (the displayed range seven and a half or more)

4.The manufacturing of reactive power automatically compensating device.

5.The manufacturing of  safety production of the new equipment.

6.The manufacturing of VXI bus type automatic test system (complied with the  international standard of IEEE1155 )

7.The development and manufacturing of colliery underground monitoring and disaster prediction system, and coal safety testing comprehensive management system.

8.The manufacturing of engineering survey and geophysical observation equipment: digital triangle measuring system, three-dimension terrain model numerical control injection molding systems (area>1000×1000mm, horizontal error<1mm, vertical error <0.5mm), ), ultra-wide-band seismometer (φ<5cm, frequency band:0.01-50Hz, equivalent noise set speed<10-9m/s ), the seismic data processing system, comprehensive underground seismic precursor and observation system, precision vibrators system, engineering acceleration measuring system, high precision GPS receiver (precision: 1mm+1ppm), INSAR image receive and processing system, absolute gravimeter with a <1microgal precision, satellite gravimeter, Doppler radar using coherent or dual polarization technique, transmittance meter , meteorological sensor ( temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, precipitation, clouds, visibility, radiation and frozen earth, depth of snow), lightning prevention system, multistage sampling plan parching, and 3-D ultrasound wind Speed meter, intelligent high-accuracy tachometer, 3-D laser scanner, high performance diamond bit for drilling, no cooperation target laser ranger, wind profiling instrument (with RASS), GPS electronic ground control instrument system, CO2/H2O flux observation system laser Doppler radar in boundary layer, the spectral instrument of particles (3nm-20μm), high performance data collector,  Underwater Glider

9.The manufacturing of environmental instruments: SO2 automatic sampler and locator,  NOX and NO2 automatic sampler and locator, CO automatic monitoring device, sampler and sampling cutter of smoke and Pm2.5 dust, portable toxic or harmful gases locator,  automatic analyzer of organic pollutants in the air, COD automatic online monitoring instrument, BOD automatic online monitoring instrument, online turbidity monitoring instrument, online DO monitoring instrument, online TOC monitoring instrument, online ammonia nitrogen monitoring instrument, radiation dose detector, ray analysis tester, heavy metal online monitoring equipment, online biological toxicity water quality warning monitoring equipment.

10. Acquisition, processing and transmission of hydrological data and the manufacturing of flood warning instruments and equipment.

11.The manufacturing of marine exploration monitoring instruments and equipment: mesopelagic underwater DV or camera, multi-beam detectors, profile scanners of  shallow stratigraphy, detecting instrument of the depth of salt, fluxgate compass, hydraulic wire line winch, underwater seal electronic connector, energy recycling device for reverse osmosis desalination with an efficiency over 90%, marine ecological system monitoring buoy, profile detection buoy, single use expendable conductivity temperature depth sonde, the water quality measuring instrument, chemical sensors for intelligent Marine water quality monitoring (can work continuously for 3 to 6 month), electromagnetic current meter, acoustic Doppler current profiler (since let type, direct reading type and marine type), Conductivity temperature depth profile instrument, acoustic response release instrument, tides measuring system of the ocean (installed at the bottom of the sea).

12.The manufacturing of digital camera with 10 million pixel or more.

13.The manufacturing of office machines : multifunctional integration office equipment (copy, printing, fax, scanning), color printing equipment, high resolution color printer head with 2400dpi or more accuracy, photosensitive drum .

14.Film Machinery: 2K, 4K Digital movie projector, digital film cameras, digital video production and editing equipment.

Chapter 23 Arts and Grafts Products and Other Manufacturing

1.The exploitation and using of clean coal technology products and the manufacturing of  the equipments (carbon gasification, liquefaction, CWM, industrial coal).

2. Coal washing and comprehensive utilization of coal ash (including desulfurization gypsum) and coal gangue,etc

3.The production of biodegradable material

4.The recovery processing of waste electrical equipment  and electronic products, car, electrical equipment, rubber and metal, batteries.

Section 4 The production of electricity, gas and water and supply industry 

1. Adopted integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC), recirculating fluidized bed of 0.3 million KW or more, pressurized fluidized bed combustion (PFBC) of more than 0.1 million KW, clean combustion technology power station to construct and operate.

2.The construction and operation of back pressure type cogeneration power station

3.The construction and operation of the hydropower station with power generation as its main purpose.

4.The construction and operation of nuclear power station (The Chinese Side Holding )

5.The construction and operation of new energy power station (including solar, wind, geothermal energy, wave power, waves can, biomass energy, etc ).

6.The utilization of the sea (using the seawater directly, desalination of sea water).

7.The construction and operation of water supply factory. 

8.The construction and operation of  renewable water

9.The construction and operation of motor vehicle battery charging station, battery replacing station. 

Section 5 Transportation, Storage And The Postal Service

1.The construction and operation of railway network of main stems (The Chinese Side Holding)

2.The construction and operation of feeder railway, local railways and the bridges, tunnels and ferries and yard facilities ( limited to the joint venture, cooperation).

3.The comprehensive maintenance of the infrastructure of high speed railway, railway passenger special line, inter-city railway.(China holdings)

4.The construction and operation of highway, independent bridges and tunnels.

5.Road cargo transport company. 

6.The construction and operation of public port facilities.

7.The construction and operation of civil airport (relatively China holdings)

8.Air transport company (China holdings)

9.General aviation company for agriculture, forestry and fishery (limited to the joint venture, cooperation). 

10.Regular or irregular international maritime transportation business (China holdings).

11.International container multimodal transport business.

12.The construction and operation of oil (gas) pipelines, oil (gas) library. 

13.The construction and operation of coal pipeline transport facilities.

14..The construction and operation of automatic elevated stereo storage facilities and transport business related storage facilities.

Section 6 Wholesale and retail business.

1.Modern logistics and related technical services like joint distribution of general commodities , low temperature distribution of fresh agricultural products.

2.Rural chain distribution.

3.The construction and operation of tray and container unit share system.

Section 7 Lease and business services

1.Accounting and auditing (limited to cooperation and partnership)

2.Consultation service of international economy, science and technology, environmental protection, logistics information.

3.By way of outsourcing the undertaken service, your main focus should be system application management and maintenance, information technology to support management, bank backstage service, financial settlement, human resource service, software development, offshore call center, data processing and other outsourcing service of information technology and business processes.

4.Startup investment enterprise

5.Intellectual Property Services

6.Family services

Section 8 Scientific research, technical services and geological survey business 

1.Biological project and biomedical engineering technology and the biomass energy development technology.

2.Isotope, radiation and laser technology.

3.Marine development and power development technology, comprehensive utilization technology of marine chemistry resources, related product development and fine and further processing technology, marine pharmaceutical and biological products development technology. 

4.Marine monitoring technology (ocean wave, weather, environment monitoring), underwater detection and ocean resources exploration and evaluation technology

5.Comprehensive utilization of  desalination of  seawater for  extract salt, potassium, bromine, magnesium, lithium and their fine and further development and other utilization technology of chemical resources with added value in seawater.

6.Marine oil pollution cleaning and ecological restoration techniques and the development of related products, prevention and control technology of sea water eutrophication and marine biological explosive growth disasters, environmental restoration technology of coastal zone.

7.Development and service of energy saving technology

8.The technology of resources regeneration and comprehensive utilization, development and application of recycling technology of enterprise production emissions.

9.Environmental pollution control and monitoring technology

10.New technology of energy saving and the three wastes control in the process of chemical fiber production and printing and dyeing.

11.Prevent desertification and desert management technology

12.Prevent desertification and desert management technology of balancing planting and animal husbandry. 

13.Civil satellite application technology 

14.Research and development center

15.Center of innovative and high technology, new product development and enterprise incubation. 

Section 9 Water conservancy, environment and public facilities management

1.The construction and operation of comprehensive water control project (China Holdings)

2.The construction and operation of closing roads in the city 

3.The construction and operation of subways, light rails and other rail transit in the city. (China Holdings)

4.The construction and operation of sewage and waste treatment plant, dangerous waste disposal factory (incineration plant, landfills) and environmental pollution treatment facilities.

Section 10 Education

1.Institutions of higher learning (limited to the joint venture, cooperation)

2.Vocational training

Section 11 Hygiene, social security  and social welfare 

1.Facilitating agency for the elderly, the disabled, and children.

Section 12 Culture, sports and entertainment

1.The management of performance places (China holdings)

2.The management of gymnasium and body building, competition performance and sports training and intermediary services.

The restricted category for foreign investment

Section 1 Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry

1.Breeding of new crop variety and seed production (China holdings)

2.Raw wood processing  of rare tree (limited to the joint venture, cooperation)

3.Processing of cotton (unginned cotton)

Section 2 Mining industry

1. The exploration and mining of special and scarce kind coal (China holdings)

2.The exploration and mining of barite (limited to the joint venture, cooperation)

3.The exploration and mining of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, family)

4.The exploration and mining of important nonmetallic mineral like diamond, high aluminum refractory clay, the wollastonite, graphite, etc

5.The mining and processing of lithium phosphate rock, ore and pyrite mine and the refinery of salt lake bittern resources

6.The mining of camsellite and ludwigite

7.The mining of celestite 

8.The mining of the ocean manganese nodules and sea sand (China holdings)

Section 3 Manufacturing industry

Chapter 1 Agricultural food processing industry

1.The processing of soybean oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, tea seed oil, sunflower seed oil, palm oil and other edible oil and fat (China holdings), the processing of rice and flour, and the deep processing of corn.

2.The production of biological liquid fuel (fuel ethanol, biodiesel) (China holdings)

Chapter 2 Beverage manufacturing

1.The production of yellow rice or millet wine and brand-name and high-quality white spirit  (China holdings)

Chapter 3 Tobacco Processing Industry

1.The processing and production of play breaking leaf tobacco

Chapter 4 The duplication of printing industry and recording media

1.Publication printing (China holdings)

Chapter 5 Petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing

1. The production of crudeoilunit oil refining below10 million tons/year, catalytic cracking below 1.5 million tons/year, continuous reforming (extraction of aromatic hydrocarbon) below 1 million tons/year, hydrocracking below 1.5 million tons/year.

Chapter 6 Manufacturing industry of chemical raw materials and chemical products

1.The production of soda ash, caustic soda, or sulfuric acid, nitric acid, potassium alkali using retarded technology.

2. The production of sensitive material

3.The production of benzidine

4.The production ofprecursor chemicals (ephedrine, 3, 4-and the two oxygen phenyl-2-acetone, phenylacetic acid, 1-phenyl-2-acetone, pepper aldehyde, yellow camphor, different yellow camphor, and acetic anhydride)

5.The production of low-end CFCs like hydrogen fluoride or fluorine chlorine compounds

6.The production of butadiene rubber (except cis-rich polybutadiene), SBR of emulsion polymerization, thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber.

7.The production of acetylene method polrvinyl chloride and under scale ethylene and post processing products.

8.The production of paints and coatings using retarded technology, with harmful substance and under scale 

9. The production of boron and magnesium iron ore

10.The production of inorganic salt using a large amount of resources, environment polluting and with retarded technology.

Chapter 7 Pharmaceutical manufacturing

1.The production of Chloramphenicol, penicillin G, lincomycin, gentamicin, dihydrostreptomycin, amikacin, tetracycline hydrochloride, oxytetracycline, midecamycin, leucomycin, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, ofloxacin

2.The production of analgin, paracetamol, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, a variety of vitamins preparations and oral calcium.

 3.The production of vaccine varieties that have been included in the state's immune programming

4.The production of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals for stupefacient and first level psychotropic substances. 

5.The production of blood products.

Chapter 8 Chemical Fiber Manufacturing

1.The production of conventional slice spinning chemical fiber 

2.The production of viscose

Chapter 9 The non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling industry

1.The smelting of rare metals like tungsten, molybdenum, tin ( except tin compounds ), antimony (including antimony oxide and curing antimony), etc.

2.Rare earth smelting and separation (limited to the joint venture, cooperation)

Chapter 10 Ordinary Machinery

1.The manufacturing of  all kinds of  common grade (P0) bearings and components (steel ball and retainer ),semifinished product.

2.The production of wheel, crawler crane machine under 400 tons (limited to the joint venture, cooperation)

Chapter 11 Special Machinery

1.The manufacturing of general polyester filament, short fibers equipment. 

 2.The manufacturing of bulldozes with horsepower of 320 or below, hydraulic excavator of 30 tons or less, wheel loader of 6 tons or less, land leveller with horsepower of 220 or below, roller, forklift, power transmission off-highway dumper truck of 135 tons or less, hydromechanical transmission off-highway dumper truck of 60 tons or less, asphalt concrete mixing and paving equipment and aerial work machinery, Garden machinery and tools, Concrete products machinery (towed punk, agitating lorry, mixing plant, pump truck)

Chapter 12 Transport Equipment  Manufactruing

1.The repairing, design and manufacturing of ships (including section) (China holdings)

Chapter 13 Communication equipment, computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry

1. The production of satellite TV broadcasting receiving facilities and key-module.

Section 4 The production of electricity, gas and water and supply industry

1.The construction and operating of coal-fired plants of condenser with single capacity of 300000KW or less, coal condensed steam and extraction steam amphibious units cogeneration power station with  capacity of 100000KW or less within small power grid

2.The construction and operation of grid  (The Chinese Side Holding)

3.The construction and operation of gas, heat and water supply and drainage pipe network of the city with a population of more than 500000.

Section 5 Transportation, Storage And The Postal Service

1.Road cargo transport company.

2.Railway passenger traffic  company (China holdings)

3.Highway passenger transport company

4.Entry and exit trucking companies

5.Water transport company (China holdings)

6. Photography, prospecting and industry, etc universally aviation company (China holdings)

7. Telecommunications company:value added telecommunications service (foreign investment proportion can not be more than 50%),  basic telecommunications service  (foreign investment proportion can not be more than 49%)

Section 6 Wholesale and retail business.

1. Direct selling, mail-order, online sales

2.Grain purchasing, wholesale, retail and distribution of grain, cotton, vegetable oil, sugar, tobacco, crude oil, pesticides, agricultural films, fertilizers ( set up more than 30 subbranch, and chain store of China holdings that sell different kinds and different brands products from various suppliers  )

3.The construction and operation of large agricultural wholesale market

4.The distribution of audio and video products (except the movie) (limited to cooperation) 

5.Shipping agency (China holdings), the felloe tallying (limited to the joint venture, cooperation) 

6.The construction and operation of wholesale and gas station of petroleum products (the same foreign investors established more than 30 stores, chain store of petroleum products and gas station that sell different kinds and different brands products from various suppliers, and is hold by China )

Section 7 Financial industry

1. The Banks, finance companies, trust company, currency brokerage companies

2. The insurance company ( the foreign capital proportion of life insurance company can not be more than 50%)

3.Security company (limited to engage in A shares underwriting, B shares and H shares and government and corporate bonds underwriting and trading, foreign capital proportion is not allowed to be more than a third), securities investment fund management companies (foreign investment proportion can not be more than 49%)

4.Insurance broker

5. Future goods company (China holdings)

Section 8 Real Estate

1. The large-scale land development (limited to the joint venture, cooperation)

2.The construction an operation of high-end hotels, high-grade office buildings and international convention and exhibition center.

3.Real estate trade in the secondary market and real estate agents or brokers

Section 9 Lease and business services

1. The legal consultation

2. The market survey (limited to the joint venture, cooperation) 

3. Credit investigation and rating services company

Section 10 Scientific research, technical services and geological survey business

1. Surveying and mapping company (China holdings)

2.Import and export commodities inspection, identification and authentication company

3. Photography services (Including the air photography, and other special photography services, but not including surveying and mapping aerial photography, limited to the joint venture)

Section 11 Education

1. Ordinary high school education institutions (limited to cooperation)

Section 12 Culture, sports and entertainment

1. Radio and television programs and film's production business (limited to cooperation)

2.The construction and operation of movie theaters  (The Chinese Side Holding)

3.The construction and operation of large theme park.

4. Performance brokerage institution (China holdings)

5. Entertainment business (limited to the joint venture, cooperation)

Section 13 Other industry of that has been limited by our country or other international treaty we have been committed to.

The restricted category for foreign investment

Section 1 Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry

1.Research and development, breading, planting of precious and special quality variety of our country, and the production of related propagating material (including planting, animal husbandry, aquaculture of good genes).

2.The research and development of genetically modified organisms and the production of genetically modified crop seed, breeding stock and aquatic offspring seed.

3.Aquatic products fishing in the sea area and inland waters of our country.

Section 2 Mining industry

1.The exploration and mining of tungsten, molybdenum, tin, antimony and fluorite

2.The exploration, mining and beneficiation of  tombar thite

3.The exploration, mining and beneficiation of radioactive minerals  

Section 3 Manufacturing industry

Chapter 1 Beverage manufacturing

1.The processing of green tea and special tea producing by our traditional process (The famous tea, black tea, etc)

Chapter 2 Pharmaceutical manufacturing

1.The processing of Chinese medicinal crop listed in "The wild medicinal materials resources protection regulations" and "The list of  rare and endangered plants in China"

2.The application of steaming, fry, cauterize, makingand other processing technology of  Chinese herbal pieces and the production of traditional Chinese medicine with secret prescription.

Chapter 3 The non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling industry

1.Smelting, and processing of radioactive minerals

Chapter 4 Special Machinery

1. The arms and ammunition manufacturing

Chapter 5 Electric Equipment and Machinery

Chapter 6 Industrial Products and Other Manufacturing

1.Ivory carving 

2.Tiger bones processing

3.The production of bodiless lacquerware

4.The production of enamelwork

5.The production of Chinese art paper and inkstick

6.The production of carcinogenic, teratogenic and the mutation products and persistent organic pollutant 

Section 4 The production of electricity, gas and water and supply industry

1.The construction and operating of coal-fired plants of condenser with single capacity of 300000KW or less, coal condensed steam and extraction steam amphibious units cogeneration power station with  capacity of 100000KW or less outside small power grid.

Section 5 Transportation, Storage And The Postal Service

1. The air traffic control company

2. Postal company, letters of the domestic express business

Section 6 Lease and business services

1. Social investigation

Section 7 Scientific research, technical services and geological survey business

1.The development and application of the technology of human stem cells, genetic diagnosis and treatment

2.Earth measurement, marine charting, surveying and mapping aerial photography, surveying and mapping of administrative boundaries, formation of topographic map and normal map, the formation of navigation electronic map

Section 8 Water conservancy, environment and public facilities management

1.The construction and operation of natural reserves and wetland of international importance

2.The resource development of wild animals and plants originating in China under the state's protection 

Chapter 9 Education

1.Special field education institutions like special field education institutions,the military, the police, political and party school etc. 

Section 10 Culture, sports and entertainment

1. The news agency

2. Books, newspapers, periodicals publishing business

3.Publication and production business of audio and video products and electronic publications.

4.Broadcasting station of all levels, TV station, Radio and television channel (frequency), Radio & TV transmission covering network (launcher, rebroadcasting station, broadcast TV satellite, satellite uplink stand, satellite accept turn station, microwave station, monitoring units, cable radio and television transmission cover network )

5.Radio and television programme production and distribution company

6.Movie production company, the issuing company, and the court line company

7. News site, network audio-visual programmes service, Internet service business premises, Internet cultural business (except music)

8. The construction and operation of golf course and villas

9.Lottery industry (including racetrack gambling)

10.Pornographic industry.

Chapter 11 Other Industries

1.The project that endanger military security facilities and use efficiency.

Section 12 Other industry of that has been forbidden by our country or other international treaty we have been committed to.

Note: 1. "The mainland/Hong Kong closer economic partnership arrangements "and the supplementary agreements, The "mainland/Macao closer economic partnership arrangements" and its supplement agreement, "The strait economic cooperation framework agreement" and its supplement agreement, if the free trade area agreement we have signed with other countries have other special rules, follow thoes rules. 2. Follow the special rules under the state council and industrial policy.