Detailed Implementing Rules of Subsidizing Patent of Invention
source:投资推介网 Release time:2012年3月15日
Article one  Applying subsidization for patent of invention corporation should possess following conditions:

(1)Independent corporation registering according to law in Longgang District.

(2)Corporation operating according to law and paying taxes according to rules.

Article two  Subsidizing patent of invention, public, fair and just principles should be adhered to and procedure of voluntary application, expert judgment, public showing, and government policy-making should be followed.

Article three  Project range of invention patent subsidizing

1. Project applying for subsidization should possess more than one crucial technique and product based on the above patent of invention technique;

2. Certificate of this patent of invention should not be authorized more than five years (from the authorizing day);

3. Project applying for subsidization should agree with the industry development direction of Longgang district and its production and marketing already has a certain scale. Its total sale in previous or this year is no fewer than one million RMB, with good implementing conditions;

4. Corporation applying for subsidization should respect other’s intellectual property and should not violate other’s intellectual property deliberately.

Article four After expert’s judgment, project obtaining subsidization will be given no more than 500,000yuan for subsidizing.

Article five Corporations applying for subsidization should submit following application materials (binding together, in quadruplicate)

(1)Application for Subsidization of Patent of Invention in Longgang District (download from and fill in it) and its electronic edition;

 (2) Copy of organization code certificate of the corporate, copy of business license and copy of tax registration certificate or superior department’s approval of its establishment (with official seal and the original document should be verified);

 (3) Patent Enforcement Report and its electronic edition;

 (4) Copy of the patent certificate related to the application project (verifying the original document) and the related introduction of the product (proof materials reflecting technical level and intellectual property, such as brand, test report, etc.)

 (5) Copy of the audited financial report of last year (verifying the original document) (the newly established enterprise should submit capital verification report and financial statement of the year);

 (6) Copy of the special audit report audited in last year or this year (verifying the original document), economic condition of the applying project should be included;

 (7) Copy of the enterprise’s tax certificate of last year provided by tax department (enterprise established this year should submit tax certificate of this year and the original document should be verified);

 (8) The application corporate’s statement of not violating other’s intellectual property

Article six  Application processing. The district science and technology administrative department accepts the application from March to September every year and investigates the integrity of the application material. If the application is passed through, processing receipt will be sent to the application corporate. And if the application is not passed through, supplementary items will be informed and the application material will be sent back. With consummated material, the corporate can apply again.

Article seven  Investigation review

The district science and technology administrative department will organize review group (no fewer than three people, including intellectual property expert, technology expert and finance expert) to investigate the necessity, creativity and feasibility of the application project.

The review group will show the investigation and review advice and sign on it.

Article eight  Subsidization will not be given in the following situation.

 (1) Failing to do industrial and commercial yearly inspections or tax report according to rules;

 (2) Undergoing lawsuit and arbitration that may influence the corporate’s operating activities;

 (3) The application material and data are not authentic and there are serious nonperformance behaviors in enjoying subsidization given by each level government;

 (4) The main property is preserved by people’s court for dispute over obligation;

(5) statistical data is not sent to statistical department according to law or the data is not authentic.

Article nine  Public showing. Subsidization should first be advised by review group based on investigation in the scene. Passed through district government subsidization management joint meeting, the result will be shown to the public for five working days. If there is objection to the project, district science and technology administrative department should do the survey and make a written report of the investigation result.

Article ten  Capital issue. If there is no objection or the objection is not established during result public showing, district finance department will print joint meeting summary. District science and technology administrative department will inform this and make a written notice to district finance department to allocate funds.

Article eleven If there is deception in applying for subsidization, project undertaking corporate should not apply for district science and technology development capital. And relevant responsible persons’ responsibility will be ascertained. If crime is formed, the case will be handed over to judicial authority.

Article twelve These detailed rules are implemented from the releasing day. Detailed Implementing Rules of Subsidizing Patent of Invention in Longgang District published in January 1th, 2007 will be abolished at the same time.

Article thirteen These detailed rules will be interpreted by district science and technology administrative department.