Longgang District Government Signs the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shenzhen Special Development Group
source:投资推介网 Release time:2017年2月8日

On 7th February, the Party Secretary of Longgang District, Gao Zimin , the District Mayor, Dai Bin, and the chairman, Zhang Junlin and the general manager, Zhang Jianmin of Shenzhen Special Development Group. After that, both parties held the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation and the cooperation agreement between SDG and Longgang East Development Investment Company. They would have cooperation on the business of implementing the land development along the rail transportation, land control, and urban renewal in Longgang District. The leaders of Longgang District, Yang Jun, Liu Wei, Xu Xiangming, and Lang Fengsheng attended the discussion and the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, SDG shall develop towards the east with full strength. It plans to invest more than 20 billion RMB in Longgang, with more than 10 billion RMB during the 13th Five-Year Plan. It will invest in the land control, urban renewal, land development along the rails and TOD (oriented for the public transportation) development mode in Longgang District. The specific projects are Ping Lake TOD project, Ping Lake Swan Lakeside Project, Ping Lake Yuanwuwei Project, Pingdi New Project, Shanglilang Bus Station Project. It will help Longgang District implement the East Development Strategy and build it into the new growth pole for Shenzhen development. Zhang Junlin introduces that SDG is the earliest large state-owned comprehensive enterprise in Shenzhen. In future, it will make use of the quality tourism land resources and the resources of the listed company to promote the industrial development and the innovation of the business modes and create the high-end commerce-tourism culture and fashion recreation ecological active zone. It will become the operator for the experiential platform for the urban life. Zhang Junlin indicates that Longgang developed rapidly in recent years and experienced the qualitative changes. SDG will integrate the resources to introduce the international teams, insists the Shenzhen quality and Shenzhen standard, and plan and establish the projects in Longgang with high starting point and high standard. By doing so, it will become the brand project of SDG and the landmark project in Longgang and even Shenzhen.

Gao Zimin and Dai Bin indicate that SDG is the state-owned enterprise and the professional and modern enterprise in the market. Its answer to the call for developing towards the east will promote greatly the implementation of East Development Strategy and the establishment of east center in Longgang. The potential for the cooperation between both parties is great. Longgang District will strengthen the deep cooperation with SDG. Gao Zimin introduced briefly the strategic positioning and the development situation of Longgang District. Shenzhen enhances the position of Longgang District as the municipal center. Longgang will plan the construction well according to the standard of the international first-class city. It will take its ecological and industrial advantages, emphasize the promotion of the quality and aesthetic standard in the urban area, and urge the integrated development of architectural space, industrial space, living and leisure space, municipal public space and underground space. It will insist on the planning with high starting point, construction with high standard and management of quality performance, accelerating to establish Longgang into a modern, international and convenient municipal center of East Shenzhen and city center of the Northeast Guangdong.