Shenzhen Federation of Young Entrepreneurs Consultative Committee’s Visit for Longgang
source:投资推介网 Release time:2017年3月13日

On the afternoon of 10th March, the party secretary of Longgang District, Gao Zimin and the district mayor, Dai Bin had an informal discussion with the visiting Shenzhen Federation of Young Entrepreneurs Consultative Committee. Both parties had deep communication on the issues of the economic and social development of Longgang District, the implementation of East Strategy, investment and entrepreneur opportunities, and the human resource policy in service business. More than 20 entrepreneurs from various businesses indicate that Longgang is a good destination for investment and entrepreneurship with its long-term strategic insight and international vision, good development basis, quality ecological environment and good planning. The leaders of Longgang District, Liu Wei, Chen Guangwen, and Zhang Jing attended the informal discussion.

In the last year, Longgang had GDP of 317.706 billion RMB with the growth rate of 9.9%, ranking third in the whole city in terms of the total quantity and second in terms of the growth rate. The industrial structure continues to upgrade. The added value of the industrial enterprises with the annual main business income of more than 20 million RMB was 200.455 billion RMB with the growth rate of 11.2%, ranking first in the whole city in terms of the total quantity. The added value of the high and new technology industries was 144 billion RMB with the growth rate of 16%. Both the growth rates surpass the GDP growth rate. Currently, Longgang is striving for the implementation of the East Strategy, establishment of the eastern center to create “three centers and four districts”. According to the urban spatial arrangement of “one center and three belts”, Longgang District insists that the big projects drive the big development. Meanwhile, it sticks to build the housing for attracting the talents and build housing for the coming talents. In the following five years, Longgang District will provide 100,000 apartments for the talents. It will regard serving the enterprises and the entrepreneurs as the starting point to create the high-level talent education and open the green channel for the education and medical treatment of the high-level talents to provide the typical sample for creating “Shenzhen Quality”.

In the discussion, the chairman of Strength Group, Zheng Shaowei said, “From the relationship between the Silicon Valley and the universities, Longgang has long-term strategist insight and international vision. It is quite promising.”There is Shenzhen international university town in Longgang and good planning and ecology. It is a good place for investment and entrepreneurship.

“When the spirits are high with pride, the horse runs so fast that various flowers in the whole Chang’an has been seen within one day”, the president of Shenzhen CATIC Physical Club Group Limited, Wang Lan used this line to express her feelings for visiting Longgang. She said that there had no such hospital to treat the sub-health. She hopes that she can set the data center of the health industry in Longgang District to establish the united, authoritative and communicative population health and medical information platform and cultivate the new operational type of “Internet+ health care”.

The commander of the headquarters in South China Region of China Railway 18 Bureau Group Co., LTD, Song Heqing introduced that Longgang District has great development space and development opportunities under the background of the East Strategy. China Railway 18 Bureau Group hopes that the project construction can be initiated as soon as possible with the great support of Longgang District. Currently, the projects it contributes in Shenzhen include the Shenzhen Out-Ring Expressway, Danping Expressway, and Subway Line 10. It hopes that it can make its own contribution to the municipal projects and the park development projects in Longgang District.

Gao Zimin indicates that the investment and entrepreneurship in Longgang is the right choice. Welcome the entrepreneurs come to Longgang, understand Longgang and invest in Longgang. Currently, Longgang District is carrying out the East Strategy comprehensively. Being oriented as the center of Shenzhen, the eastern center is the main battle field for recreating a Shenzhen. The potential there is great and the opportunities are great. They will take the ecological advantages to plan, construct and manage it according to the standards of the foreign and domestic first-class urban areas, promote the quality with all strength and create the urban area which is suitable for living and working. Longgang is piece of fertile soil breeding the large enterprises. With the principles of serving the enterprise and the entrepreneurs, it provides the quality and efficient service for the corporations, solves the actual difficulties of the corporations and supports the development of the corporations.