Investment Promotion and Capital Introduction Regiment of Longgang District to Carry out Investment Promotion Activities in Harbin
source:投资推介网 Release time:2016年9月12日

On September 10th, the deputy head of district, Liu Wei, lead the investment promotion and capital introduction regiment to carry out the promotion activities in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province and attended the 4th China Business Model Competition (Harbin competition area). They have promoted the innovative entrepreneurial environment of Longgang District to about 120 industries and threw olive branch to them.

China Business Model Competition has been successfully held for 4 times. It is co- sponsored by Peking University HSBC School of Business as well as the People’s Government of Longgang District. The competition aims to search for business model innovation path, spread business model innovation concept, guide enterprises to carry out the business model change, support business transformation development and reach to the continuous double profit fast lane. Begin from 2012 until now, the competition has gradually expanded the influence in first-tier cities in China. The number of enterprises and projects is growing. This year, there are six competition areas set up. They are Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hefei and Harbin. More business model research and authoritative experts and high-quality enterprises are gathered. This is the first time the competition set up in Harbin and it has attracted more than 400 enterprises. Through best optimal, 120 of them were finally chosen to take part in the competition.

The investment promotion and capital introduction group members are made up of principals of city investment promotion agency, district investment promotion agency, investment service center of the street and Longgang innovation park. The investment attraction mode of “Four levels of linkages” was created. Taken advantages of the business model competition, the competition investment attraction activities were held. During the competition, the investment promotion and capital introduction group not only communicated with the attended enterprises, they have also inspected Kegu International Procurement Service Center, Harbin International Technology Transfer Center and visited the International Cooperation Base under Harbin International Technology Transfer Center. They have discussed the Chinese- Russia cooperation. Relying on the resources of Russia's economic and trade cooperation of the two centers, the management organization of the center and the Zhonghaixin Innovation Park reached cooperation opening "between China and Russia through train" innovative undertaking preliminary. Combining with the robot industry developing situation in Longgang District, the investment promotion and capital introduction group also visited the Robot Group of Harbin Institute of Technology as well as the state key laboratory of robotics and system. Also, they had carried on a discussion with school leaders of Harbin Institute of Technology as well as the principal of Robot Group and the leader of the laboratory, and a preliminary cooperation intention of reached to build robots industrial park. The school leaders of Harbin Institute of Technology indicate that to accelerate the cooperation between two parties, they will go and conduct a field visit to Longgang with related staffs in the laboratory.

The investment promotion activities this time took the competition as a platform to conduct specific projects docking according to the local unique resources of Russian cooperation. A new investment promotion and capital introduction road of “Four levels of linkages” was discovered.