Longgang District to Carry out Investment Promotion Activities in Chengdu
source:投资推介网 Release time:2016年10月9日

On September 28th and 29th, the deputy head of district, Gao Xumin, lead a team to carry out the promotion activities of Beidou industry in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. They attended the Fifth Chinese Satellite Navigation and Position Service Annual Meeting and Exhibition Activities whose topic is “According to Beidou, Connect to the World“. They have also undertook the task to held the Sixth China Satellite Navigation and Location Service in 2017 during the opening ceremony. The deputy commissioner of the district’s Investment Promotion Agency, Ma Ling, promoted the innovative entrepreneurial environment of Longgang District to about 150 industries and invited the attended guests to gather together in Longgang next year.

The Chinese Satellite Navigation and Position Service Annual Meeting have been successfully held for 5 times, and it is the industry benchmarking of China Satellite Navigation and Location Service, also the idea bank and platform of China's beidou entrepreneurship and innovation. The exhibition which is held at the same time with the annual meeting also attracted about a hundred of excellent industries, in which navigation and positioning products as well as solutions such as navigation, chips, modules, interface card used terminal and service platform are exhibited. Shenzhen municipal party committee and the municipal government have attached great importance to the development of Beidou industry. Shenzhen Industrialization of Beidou Satellite Navigation System Application and Implementation Plan has been introduced according to the national strategic requirements, which aims to improve the independent innovation of space-time service industry's capacity in Shenzhen and accelerate the process of Beidou satellite navigation system application and promotion.

Longgang District is in the industry transition period and is facing with the great opportunity of “Eastward Strategy”. The entering and developing of satellite navigation and location-based services industry will greatly promote the industry transformation in Longgang District. Taken the Longgang District trooping in this annual meeting and the Beidou + Space-based Information Application Points of BBS and Shenzhen Beidou Industry Investment Promotion Seminar as a platform and an opportunity, the investment business environment of Longgang District is comprehensively introduced to all kinds of industries through the project investment promotion and exhibition space-unit. This has preheated the Sixth China Satellite Navigation and Location Service in 2017 and laid a solid foundation for the rooting of Beidou industries in Longgang District. This success holding of this event has laid a stable basis for the platform for investment, directional and industrial investment plans this year and the coming year.