Bantian Yunli intelligent park opened
source:投资推介网 Release time:2017年5月22日
        On the morning of May 20th, Yunli intelligent park, Located in Bantian Street and along the Xue Gang Avenue, officially opened. The intelligent park will build the whole ecological industry chain, which is based from the creation of space, intelligent hardware trial production base, supply chain management to R & D incubation center, accelerator, and then to the brand publishing center, and accelerate the industrial incubation of innovative enterprises in an all-round way.
        Yunli intelligent park covers an area of 120 thousand square meters, and is the focus of support Longgang industrial incubation base. It has been awarded Shenzhen peacock project incubation base, Shenzhen investment promotion Key Park, and Shenzhen Longgang District Innovation industry zone, and has elected Longgang district innovation industry carrier Federation supervisor units. The intelligent park is committed to the construction of the whole eco industrial chain and will accelerate the industrial incubation of the innovative enterprises in an all-round way. Currently, 20 thousand square meters of Art Park in the intelligent park has been put into use, and food, entertainment, shopping and other forms of living have been settled.
        One stop cloud service system is one of the highlights of Yunli intelligent park. From industrial and commercial registration, patent applications to government subsidies, each affair of enterprises has been incorporated into the system, which greatly enhances the efficiency of enterprises.
        "Yunli Intelligence Park has successfully signed Shenzhen peacock plan major drug green synthesis team last year - Kate Lis (Shenzhen) Technology Co., ltd., and at the same time, Huada Beidou, Wanlijia, Mier Tech, Bichuangda electronic technology, Huitong and other technology enterprises have settled in advance. The park has gathered a group of highly innovative and pioneering scientific and technological enterprises to inject new vitality into the science and technology city." Introduced by Qiu Zhisong, head of the park.