Strengthen overseas exchanges and cooperation, Promote the docking of high-end resources
source:投资推介网 Release time:2017年6月15日
       To further implement the eastward development strategy, actively participate in the Shenzhen "The Belt and Road" hub city construction, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries and international cities in the fields of Commerce, trade, scientific and technological innovation, urban construction, and so on, and speed up the Eastern Center of Shenzhen, from Jun 4 to Jun 13, Dai Bin, Longgang district mayor, led the team to Singapore, India, Japan and other places to carry out exchanges and cooperation, investment promotion activities.
        During the period, the Longgang delegation fully studied the advanced concepts and technologies of the three areas in industrial development, park operation, urban construction and management, green, low-carbon, and the development and utilization of ancient buildings, held local economic and trade exchanges and investment promotion activities, and comprehensively introduced the innovation and entrepreneurship environment of Longgang. This investigation obtained rich results, Longgang's economic and social development momentum, various innovation and entrepreneurship policies are highly concerned by local officials and representatives of enterprises, and many high-tech enterprises have expressed their willingness to communicate and cooperate with Longgang for a long time. Through promotion and exchange, we have opened up cooperation and communication channels between Longgang and local governments, institutions and enterprises, and establish a good and solid foundation for the next step to establish a normal communication and contact mechanism and to promote the exchange of funds, talents, technology and other high-end resources.