The Opening of the Shenzhen (Longgang) Summit for the Sino-German (European) Meeting of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Cooperation Exchange
source:投资推介网 Release time:2017年6月16日
On June 14th, the third Sino-German (European) meeting of small and medium-sized enterprises cooperation exchange was extended to the opening of the Shenzhen (Longgang) Summit. Domestic and overseas entrepreneurs and experts who attended the cooperation exchange meeting in Jieyang proceeded to Longgang in Shenzhen, continuing to investigate and know the investment environment, and engaged in the dialogue on issues such as the future of innovation, green development and industry 4.0 and the trend of international cooperation and development for China’s industry.
To better integrate into the national "the Belt and Road " strategic planning, to further implement the work deployment for the “Eastward strategy” of Shenzhen and to build the Longgang district into the east center of Shenzhen with innovation and entrepreneurship as the main characteristics and internationalization as the distinct characteristic, the government of Longgang district in Shenzhen held the Shenzhen Summit for the Sino-German (European) Meeting of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Cooperation Exchange in conjunction with the Investment Promotion Department of Shenzhen. It aims at promoting both the industrial chains in the two places and the whole industry system to gradually form the complementary advantages, promoting coordinated development of the regional economy and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in Longgang district through jointly building a China-Germany (Europe) cooperation platform with Jieyang.
Jia Changsheng, the deputy director of the investment promotion department of shenzhen, used the words "youngest, most innovative and most special" to summarize the unique features of Shenzhen when making an introduction of Shenzhen to foreign visitors. He said that Shenzhen has a strong research and development innovation capacity as an innovative city of China. In 2016, the R&D (research and development) expenditure of Shenzhen accounted for 4.1 per cent of the whole funds, nearly twice the G8 national average. The number of PCT international patent applications of Shenzhen reached 19,900, accounting for half of the country, which has made Shenzhen rank the top place in China among major cities for continuous 13 years. Shenzhen will help Germany and other European enterprises to make investment and cooperation in Shenzhen and jointly create a win-win future with the most open and enthusiastic attitude and thoughtful and professional services.
Dai Bin, the district chief of Shenzhen Longgang district, said that Longgang district has carried out fruitful cooperation in trade, innovation, urban construction, education, sports and other fields with European countries. In 2016, the total trade volume between Longgang district and EU countries reached $7.14 billion, of which the total trade with Germany reached $1.084 billion. Up to now, the enterprises in Longgang district invested by EU countries has been 53, the number of which is still climbing. Three of the seven international express trains for innovation and entrepreneurship that Longgang has opened bound for European countries including Germany, the Netherlands and Russia. At the same time, Longgang district is also actively developing cooperation projects such as German towns, the China-France (Shenzhen) joint innovation center, and is working with Germany to establish the Sino-German vocational schools and the Bayern Munich (Shenzhen) football school. The European Union has become one of the most important cooperation areas for Longgang.
Francisco Cholopesky, the vice president of the Czech Industrial Transport Federation, said in the speech that “the Belt and Road” initiative proposed by China was excellent but China needed to build Bridges with partners. "We have built the first bridge in Jieyang. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to lead the Czech delegation to Longgang in Shenzhen and I am looking forward to establishing effective cooperation here.
It is reported that the implementation of the Eastward strategy is the initiative action of Shenzhen to become a national economic center and an international innovative city with world influence, which is meant to promote the leapfrog development of the eastern region, to build the new engine of Shenzhen’s development and to form multi-center urban space layout. Longgang district is the big advanced manufacturing area and the global electronic information industry gathering place of Shenzhen. As the core area and the key battleground of the Eastward Strategy, Longgang district will give full play to its industrial advantages, speed up to support the new generation of industries in terms of information technology, new energy and  new materials. Longgang will accelerate the development of major industrial projects and form a cluster of enterprises with reasonable arrangements, excellent structures and distinctive features. To this end, the Longgang district has introduced a series of policies, including talent introduction, financial support and land supply, to support the development of industries and talents.
Through this (Longgang) summit held in shenzhen, Longgang will deepen its industrial cooperation with Germany (Europe) with the support from the platform for the cooperation with Germany (Europe) which is jointly built by Sino-German Mental Eco City in Jieyang and Longgng. Longgang will introduce more European high-end projects and will focus on the development of headquarters economy, scientific and technological research and development, business incubation, training education, e-commerce, exhibition and other modern service industry.
In the Shenzhen (Longgang) summit, the Sino-German Metal Group co.LTD signed a cooperation agreement for the joint construction of the Sino-EU research center for industrial technology and the Sino-EU international industrial incubator with the Shenguangying Investment Development Group co. LTD. The Sino-German Scientific Innovation Eco City Investment co.LTD in Shenzhen Signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Gypsy Provincial Enterprise Federation of Spain and the Becalais Industrial Automation co. LTD of Austria in China. The Jinghe Ageon-Industrial Fund Management Limited Liability Company in Shenzhen signed a cooperation agreement for joint construction of incubators with the Arava Enterprise Innovation Center in Spain.
from Germany, France, Spain, Austria and the Czech Republic recommended their hit products to more than 200 representatives from business associations, parks and entrepreneurs in China and these products received unanimous praise from Chinese entrepreneurs.