Global Headquarters of Abe Biotechnology Co., Ltd is Officially Settled Down in Longgang District
source:投资推介网 Release time:2017年11月7日

     Abe Biotechnology Co., Ltd (hereinafter “Abe”) is a leading enterprise in biology high-tech field jointly founded by Dr. Lidong Qin in Methodist of Cornell University and his partners. To meet the clinical requirements, Abe developed new technologies by integrating the diagnostic analysis and cell engineering on the micro-fluidic chip, which achieved the double breakthrough in cell and molecular diagnosis towards high throughput and high sensitivity. Abe is mainly responsible for developing, producing and selling timely diagnosis platforms, single-cell technologies (gene detection and antenatal diagnosis), immunotherapy and immunocytochemical analysis chip platforms. Abe greatly promoted the analysis sensitivity and throughput by integrating diagnostic analysis and cell engineering on the micro-fluidic chip. Dr. Lidong Qin, the founder of Abe, and his research group invented a single-celled liquid gun. With the advantages of simply operating, quickly isolating single cells and high cell activity, etc, it greatly promoted the clonal analysis and gene analysis based on current single cell. In light of its originality and practicability, the single-celled liquid gun was granted the “2015 American ‘R&D100 Awards’”, which was regarded as the Oscar Award in the field of invention.

     Part of the researching results have been published on the world-famous magazines for many times, including Nature-Communication, Science-Development, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, and Journal of the American Chemical Society. Relying on self-developed “High Throughput Aging Yeast System”, Abe was successfully short-listed for the “2016 Fils Bioscience Innovation Award” founded by publishers FierceBiotech and FiercePharma.

     Leaders of municipal and district government paid more attention on the project’s introduction. Zimin Gao, Deputy Mayor, and leaders of related departments in Longgang District negotiated the issue towards project’s introduction with the principal of the project. They also held the cooperation meetings to discuss the issue concerning project landing for many times. For now, Abe has completed its registration process in September, located at Longcheng Industrial Zone in Longgang District, starting to work towards decoration design and equipment purchase.