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1. Central Town Complex Service Area

By chance of the construction of Shenzhen Olympic Center and the relocation of High-tech Fair Hall, to speed up the development in the west area of the Central Town and focus development on the industries of High-end Services, Software, Innovation and Headquarters Economy.

2. Eastern Ecological Tourism Area

To develop the industries of Seashore Tourism, Innovative Culture and Marine Biotechnology.

3. Central and Western Logistics Area

Clustered by the Pinghu Logistics Base and the Custom Bonded Logistics Center, to construct the logistics center of Pinghu, Nanwan and Henggang, make a full use of function of the Central Logistics Groups, focus the development of logistics industries such as Professional Markets, Transportation, Warehouse and Delivery.

4. Renovation Projects for the old town and the old industrial zones

By chance of the construction of the Metro Line #3, Renovation Projects for Shenhui Road and the old town along both sides of the metro line, to strengthen the development on the represented commercial industry of large-scaled multifunctional mall.

5. Advantageous Industry Concentration Bases

To focus the development on Furniture, Electric Appliance, Bicycle and Vehicle Electronics;  develop high-tech industries in the areas of Baolong, Biling, Banxuegang and Gaoqiao, where now, a cluster of high-tech enterprises have moved in, taking a shape of concentration effect. In the areas, high-tech industries and advanced manufacturing industries are prioritized.