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One line: No.3 metro line. After the completion of the construction of No.3 metro line and reconstruction of No205 National Highway (Shenzhen-Huizhou High way), six subdistricts, namely Buji, Nanwan, Henggang, Longcheng, Longgang and Pingdi, will be integrated. After comprehensive development, there will be quick flow of people, materials and funds, which will promote the urban renewal and reconstruction of the area along the line and surrounding areas, adjustment of industry layout and change of city landscape and form a modernized city corridor.


One area: West area of the central city. It is located in the half-hour traffic circle from the downtown of Shenzhen and boasts beautiful natural environment and rich land reserve. Supporting facilities including Longgang international cycle track field, Longgang public golf course and sports center have been built up and put into use. Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center (the main stadium for the 26th Summer Universiade in 2011),Exhibition and Conference Center (former hall for Shenzhen High-tech Fair),Athletic Sports School, new campus of Shenzhen Information Vocational Technical College and Sports Park are under construction preparation. In the future, this area will focus on developing commerce, recreation and sports Industry, exhibition and conference industry and comprehensive service industry and be built into a new sports city integrating commercial and cultural center, high-class residential quarters and direct sales market sections and serving the whole Shenzhen City.


One island: Dapeng Peninsula. Taking the development of Dapeng peninsula tourism as a cut-in point and relying on good ecological environment, this area will exploit tourism resource according to high standard and develop industries focusing on meeting, training, R&D business, recreation and vacationing. It will be built into a coastal tourism and business area with international level to promote the construction of east region and quicken the economic and social development of east region.


One zone: High-tech Industry zone. It is a part of 9+2 high-tech industry zone of Shenzhen. Its planned area is 59.91 square kilometers, accounting for 35.5% of the total area of industrial zone of  Shenzhen. It is divided into Banxuegang, Baolong-Biling, Kuichong-Dapeng and east marine organism high-tech area. After years’ development and construction, the supporting facilities including water, electricity, road, gas and communication facilities in the zone have had preliminary scale. 84 high-tech projects (not including ocean aquatic product projects) have been introduced. In February 2006, STMicroelectronics, the fifth biggest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, officially signed contract and settled in the zone. After completion of construction, annual output will reach 7 billion. At that time, it will become the biggest chip package test and production base. IN the first nine months of 2006, the enterprises in the zone realized output value of RMB 6154 billion and earned foreign exchange of USD 5.046 billion through export. The development direction of this industrial zone in the future will become a strategic industry development are of Shenzhen and the core area of high-tech industry and manufacturing industry of the city and the district.


Four parks: Four major industrial parks are new areas for industrial development of the district in the future, namely:

Xinsheng-Gaoqiao Region is located in the north of Longgang Central Group. Most part of this region is under jurisdiction of Pingdi Subdistrict. The planned land area is 1192.5 hectares. It will mainly develop high-end digital audio=visual industry, high-theh procuct T&D and design, computer science and technology and medical appliance manufacturing industry. 9 big and medium-sized projects have been introduced.

Shaying-Biling Region is located in the south of Pingshan Subdistrict. The planned land area is 323.12 hectares. It will mainly develop IC chip design, processing and manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, T&D.

Jinsha-Shatian Region is located in the northwest of Kengzi Subdistrict. The planned land area is 563.6 hectares. It will mainly develop equipment manufacturing industry and traditional advantageous industry including furniture and bicycle industry.

Shenzhen Finance Industry Park is located in Huabao Farm, Pinghu Subdistrict. The preliminarily planned land area is 0.81 million square meters . The planned total investment is RMB 8 billion. The planned functions of this park includes 11 centers and two bases, namely payment clearing center, transaction processing center, finance R&D center, customer service center, production data center, intensive cash processing center, bankcard center, inquiry and anti-money laundering center, disaster tolerance and backup center, filing center, public warehousing center of banks, base for financial outsourcing and supporting services and financial education (training)base to the finance industry of China and even the world.


Shenzhen Furniture Industrial Concentration Base

It is located in Jinsha and Shatian communities of Kengze Subdistrict. The land area of phase-I project is 0.726 million sqreare meters. The planned investment in 5 years is RMB 4 billion. After full start of production, the estimated annual output value will reach RMB 10-15 billion, accounting for over 50% of the total output value of furniture industry of Shenzhen. The construction of the base officially started in December 2005. 10 leading furniture enterprises with strong competitiveness and high grand popularity has entered the base.


Shenzhen Modern Electrical Household Appliance Industry Concentration Base

It is located by both sides of Lilang Road, Buji Subdistrict. The planned land area of phase-I project is about 1.8 million square meters. The total amount of investment is about RMB 5 billion. After full start of production, estimated annual output value will reach RMB billion. This base was officially licensed by Shenzhen Municipal Government in November 2005. Several hundred million Yuan has been invested in infrastructure construction on accumulative basis. The base has basically taken shape. At presen, about 150 electrical household appliance enterprises gather around Bilan Toad, Buji. 4 projects are under negotiation for entrance, all being famous high-tech enterprises.


Shenzhen New-type Bicycle Industrial Concentration Base

It is located in Shatian Community, Kengzi Subdistrict. The planned land area of phase-I project is about 0.8 million square meters. The estimated total investment is about RMB 3.3 billion. After full start of production, production capacity will exceed 8 million and annual output value of RMB 10 billion can be realized. It will be the biggest bicycle production base and world-class bicycle R&D center, testing center, distribution and delivery center and exhibition and training center in the world. This base was officially licensed by Shenzhen Municipal Government in November 2005. Construction officially started in December. So far, 6 bicycle enterprises including Bao’an and Daxing and over 50 supporting enterprises including Ximanuo and KMC have planned to enter the base.


Shenzhen Audio-visual Industrial Concentration Base

This base is in incubation. The pre-selected site is Gaoqiao Community, Pingdi Subdistrict. The planned land area of the project is about 1 million square meters. The total investment is about RMB 5 billion. The base will mainly produce high-definition color LCD. The land area of phase-I project is 0.5 million square meters. The investment amount is RMB 2.5 billion. The estimated annual output value is RMB 4 billion.


Shenzhen international Gold and Jewel Industry Concentration Base

It is located in Lilang and Sanlian communities, Nuji Subdistrict, Shenzhen Zhongying Noble Metal Co. Ltd., established by 4 famous jewelry enterprises including Baofu and Ganlu, will invest RMB 800 million in construction of part of the base. The estimated annual output value is RMB 63.3 billion. It will become a jewelry production, processing and manufacturing center and purchase center, which can attract at least 100 domestic and foreign large and medium-sized jewelry enterprises. Sanlian Crystal and Jade Cultural Village is under reconstruction of four phases. The phase-I environmental reform project with investment of about RMB 20million has been completed. The phase-II reconstruction focusing on creation of jade industrial chain is about to start. 1-2 large-scale processing enterprises and jade market will be introduced. The target of phase-III construction is to promote and support the reconstruction of old villages of Sanlian Community. The target of phase-IV is mainly to promote the development of urban tourism.


Refined Chemical Industry Base

It is a major construction project in Shenzhen, being located in Baguang Region of Kuichong. The planned land area is 11.41 square kilometers. The estimated total investment in the project exceeds RMB 15 billion. After the project is fully put into production, total industrial output value of RMB 120billion can be generate each year, which is equivalent to the total industrial output value of Longgang. This base will implement petrochemical base integration development mode and actively develop energy-saving and water-saving refined chemical products, new-type chemical materials and engineering plastics serial products with high technological content, high added value, high investment density and low contamination and be built into an ecological-type green chemical industry base in Shenzhen.


Dapeng Peninsula Cultural Industry Concentration Base

The base will take Xinda-Longqi Bay area as core, focus on developing audio-visual industry, original design industry, cartoon industry and culture and entertainment industry, support and introduce cultural industry projects and enterprises with strong international competitiveness and be built into a high-end cultural product manufacturing center and originality center of cultural industry to form circum-Daya Bay cultural industry zone.