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Longgang District has 38 substations, including 2 x 500KV substations and 6 x 220KV substations, totaling II.186.5MVA in annual transformation capacity From late in "11th Five-year Plan* period to the World University Student Spoils Games (Universiade), Longgang will construct another 9 x 220KV substations and 22 x 110KV substations, increasing transformation capacity by 14.649 MVA and reaching 4,800MWH in power load.

* Cost of Power Supply *

Average Electricity Price for Industry: RMB 0.82 / KWH (ordinary consumption user); RMB 0.67 / KWH (for large consumption user: 101-3000KVA); RMB 0.61 / KWH (for high demand consumption user: 3001 KVA or above) Average Electricity Price for Commerce and Service Industry: RMB 0.98 / KWH (for ordinary consumption user); RMB 0.83 / KWH (for large consumption user); RMB 0.79 / KWH (for high demand consumption user).