Longgang district is located in the northeast of Shenzhen City, east of Dapeng New District, south of Luohu District, Yantian District and Hongkong, west of Baoan District, north of Huizhou City and Dongguan City, traffic network leading in all directions, natural environment to be exceptionally gifted, cultural heritage to be rich and deep. It is a new city suitable for living, working, business and traveling, and also an ideal investment place.

Administrative Region

Longgang district which was built in 1993 is the youngest administrative region in the city. Complete the city restructuring in 2005. In July 2009, the municipal government decided to establish Pingshan New District,Pingshan and Kengzi were placed under the management of the Pingshan New District. In December 2011, Kuichong, Dapeng and Nan’ao sub-districts were inaugurated in Dapeng New District. At present, there are eight sub-districts such as Pinghu, Buji, Bantian, Nanwan, Henggang, Longgang, Longcheng and Pingdi in Longgang. 


The annual average temperature is 22.3℃, relative humidity is 80%, annual average rainfall is 1933 mm, annual average rainfall days are 140 days, frost-free period is 335 days, and perennial dominant wind direction is southeast wind.